Five Surprises on “The Curse of Oak Island” We Still Haven’t Gotten Over

The Curse of Oak Island is a television series that runs on the History Channel. While the show has a promising concept, it can sometimes lead fans down roads they didn’t expect. The show is supposed to follow two brothers that had decided to travel to Oak Island in search of a treasure that is rumored to be there. Other people have searched for the same treasure for decades without any luck. After a few built up seasons, the show finally started to get a little more interesting during the start of its fourth season. From that point forward, it only seemed to get better. Below are five of the more exciting things that have happened on the show that still make us scratch our heads today.

1. A Shipwreck?

It might seem hard to believe, but the brothers did find some evidence of a potential shipwreck that happened in the swamp, probably something that is more than 50 years old, maybe even 100 years or more. They came to this realization when they found some very large wooden planks buried deep within the swamp that seem to be part of an old wooden ship. Since this isn’t something that would naturally occur in the area, they could only arrive at one conclusion, and that was that someone had been there before to either search for the treasure or leave it behind.

2. A Stone Arrives

This stone was brought to the two brothers by the daughter of a man who actually died while searching for the treasure more than 50 years ago. According to the woman that brought the stone to them, it had been found by her father. The interesting carvings on the stone suggested that it might hint as to the location of the treasure. She gave the stone to them in hopes that they could eventually make sense of it and use it to find the treasure itself.

3. Another Stone Is Found

The recurring theme throughout many of the episodes involves a lot of different stones that are supposed to provide valuable clues regarding the location of the treasure. In this particular case, the stone was found by one of the brothers. It had some specific carvings on it that led both brothers to believe that it had previously belonged to the Knights Templar, who have long been associated with leaving the treasure on Oak Island to begin with.

4. Looking For The Biggest Stone

Another issue involving a stone provided some interesting moments when the brothers went searching for what many consider to be the ultimate clue in the search for the treasure of Oak Island, the stone known as the 90-Foot Stone. For years, it was suspected that the stone had been relocated to some place in Halifax, so the brothers went in search of it. They never did find it, although they did find some clues that made them believe that it had been there at one time and that someone had moved it yet again.

5. Finding Wood In The Pit

Perhaps the most interesting thing that happened on the show was when the brothers were digging in what is commonly referred to as the Money Pit. This is where most people believe the treasure is actually located. After digging for what seemed like forever, they found a lot of wooden planks at the bottom of where they had been digging. This led them to believe that a treasure had been buried there and then covered with the planks. While they still haven’t found the treasure as of yet, finding these wooden planks gives them hope that it is in the location they have suspected for quite some time and that someday, they will find it.

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