Human Bones Found During Filming of “The Curse of Oak Island”

Human Bones Found During Filming of “The Curse of Oak Island”

Human Bones Found During Filming of “The Curse of Oak Island”

Anyone who has been following History’s hit series ‘The Curse of Oak Island’ will know that the unexpected sometimes happens. That was certainly the case recently when human bones and hairs were unearthed on the location where the series was being filmed.

‘The Curse of Oak Island’ is a series that follows brothers Rick and Marty Lagina as they try to solve the mystery surrounding a supposed 220-year-old curse on the island which is off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada. Throughout the series, the brothers have used a combination of traditional research and modern technology to find out more about the historical artifacts that are believed to be hidden on the island.

The show has run for five seasons since 2014 and looks at various theories that are connected to Oak Island. The series has presented people who have strong links to particular theories relating to either maps, codes or objects.

Recently, human bones, soft tissue, and hair were discovered when filming was taking place for the series. Discovering the remains was a surprise that will equally shock the series’ fans as a sneak peek of this revelation is revealed at the end of the most recent episode with more about the findings being shown in the next episode.

In this sneak preview, viewers will see the team visiting St. Mary’s University in Halifax. They have a fragment of what they believe to be a bone and they are having tests completed on their find. Associate Professor of Chemistry Dr. Christa Brosseau is supported in conducting these tests by technician Dr. Xian Yiang. Viewers will then see Marty Lagina asking the team at the university whether the bone is human or not.

Although only one bone is being shown at the end of the most recent episode, there were actually two bones discovered during filming. Fans will have to wait until the following week to find out more about the second bone.

In the episode, the Oak Island team are also in receipt of a letter from Timothy R. Frasier who is the Coordinator of the Forensic Sciences Program in the Department of Biology at St. Mary’s University. The letter is dated September 14, 2017. It is in this letter that the finding of the second bone. The letter says that the two bones found have both been tested and that the results show they are likely to be different.

In the series, the letter is read out loud by Rick Lagina who reveals to viewers that the contents of the letter state that both bones are those of a human. He says it is good news that the two bone samples are from different bones.

Frasier goes on to say that he intends to continue conducting further tests to see if there is anything else they can learn about the bones. For example, he would like to know if there are indications of their origin. He says in the letter that the tests will take a further few days to complete.

Also in this episode, the team look at the hole where the bones were found and discover an anomaly. They also discover some pottery in the hole which is believed to date from the late 1700s. The significance of the discoveries has not yet been revealed. At the end of the episode, the voiceover suggests that both the bones and the pottery could hold the secret to the mysteries surrounding Oak Island.

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