Five Life Lessons the Show Storage Wars Teaches Us

Five Life Lessons the Show Storage Wars Teaches Us

Storage Wars is an American reality TV show that has been running on the A&E Network since 2010. In brief, the state of California has a law that when the rent on a storage locker has not been paid for three months, its contents can be auctioned off as a single lot for cash. As a result, Storage Wars is centered around a core cast of bidders who compete for these lots, whose interactions can teach viewers a number of important life lessons.

Here are five life lessons that Storage Wars teaches us:

Risk Is a Constant

There are times when a bidder is confident that a particular lot will turn out to be profitable but turns out to be wrong about it. This is a useful reminder that risk is a constant in real life, meaning that people should make sure to plan for its presence in their plans. After all, even if risk cannot be eliminated altogether, there are ways to mitigate its extent as well as its potential consequences, thus making it that much more manageable for those who are at risk.

Appearances Can Be Deceiving

On a related note, the people on Storage Wars are often mistaken about the value of a particular lot because they were fooled by its appearance. This doesn’t mean that an initial inspection is worthless when it comes to making decisions, just that people should remember that an initial inspection is nothing but an initial inspection, meaning that if they want to be sure, they need to look past the surface to see what is concealed beneath it.

Gains Come with Risks

With that said, there have been numerous occasions on Storage Wars when someone has come upon an incredible find by being willing to take chances. Likewise, people should remember that they cannot gain unless they are willing to take a risk. This doesn’t mean that people shouldn’t live in a manner with minimal risk, just that they should consider all of the probable consequences thereof so that they can make a fully-informed decision.

Emotions Are Always Involved

People should never forget that humans are emotional creatures when interacting with other people. Otherwise, they run a real risk of being caught flat-footed by an unexpected reaction when someone makes a choice that is based on emotion rather than perfect rationality. This can be seen on Storage Wars whenever competition gets a little bit too hot, making for bad feelings between people that can lead to even hotter competition in the not so distant future.

There Is No Substitute for Expertise and Experience

Finally, Storage Wars reminds us that there is no substitute for expertise and experience, as shown whenever a bidder buys something with a value that is not what they would have expected. As a result, when people are about to do something important, they should make sure that they have the right expertise and experience needed to help them with their problem of the moment so as to ensure the best chances of a good outcome.

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