Five Incredibly Strange But Successful Shark Tank Products

Five Incredibly Strange But Successful Shark Tank Products

The Shark Tank has definitely seen some strange products roll through the doors, but as much as we might like to laugh and snicker at a lot of them there are some that seem to perform well enough to be called successful, and then there are those that are undeniably popular and end up making millions for their creators. It’s not known how, or why, but some of these items tend to make a lot of sense when they’re finally applied and to the Shark Tank investors it does seem as though they might miss out on a few, but those that they try are at times a good investment and tend to make them a good return when all is said and done. It does kind of make a person wonder just how much each investor has rolling in from so many different ideas now that they’ve been doing it for a while.

Here are are some of the weirdest but most successful products that have come through.

5. Squatty Potty

You would think the toilet would be a good enough invention as it is, but someone went and made it better and what’s more, the product sold. The Squatty Potty might seem like a silly idea but it’s made millions and been featured in Bed, Bath, and Beyond stores for a while. The fact that someone went and thought that elevating your feet when you do your business was a worthwhile cause isn’t exactly new since this has been an idea for a while, but someone decided to capitalize on it and in all honesty you can’t blame them for finding success. It might seem like a bit of extra effort but it seems to be a popular item.

4. Wicked Good Cupcakes

Cupcakes in a jar in other words. Ever notice how so many things are ‘wicked good’ when they come from Boston? These cupcakes apparently sold so well that they created a million-dollar business out of virtually nothing when they were given an investment to work with. Selling cupcakes in jars seems kind of odd but at the same time it’s got a kind of quirky nature to it that you can’t help but think is endearing to a lot of people since buying more than one cupcake in this era is something that’s seen as a bit excessive apparently. But if people are willing to buy then so be it, bring on the cupcakes.

3. Lumio

Lumio is definitely kind of an odd invention but it’s also one that’s kind of great for book-lovers and for those that aren’t too fond of lamps and want something that can be folded up and put away when they’re done with it. This kind of light doesn’t seem like it would be the strongest in the world but it does seem like something perfect for those that tend to work late at night or need a quiet place to work with just the right amount of illumination to get things done. As you can imagine it ended up making the inventor a good deal of money and becoming something that people just had to have upon finding out about it.

2. Ring

This is one that no one decided to take a risk on and it’s unfortunate since it was sold to Amazon for a fortune that any one of the investors could have made a killing off of since the idea of a video doorbell is something that a lot of people would love to have if only for added security reasons. But as you can guess the investors don’t always get things as right as they would like and tend to miss every now and then on ideas that might have some merit but might not seem as though they’re the greatest idea in the world at that moment. It’s a gamble when people bring their ideas to the table, but sometimes they pay off after the final curtain falls.

1. Scrub Daddy

You might think that a sponge is a sponge is a sponge, right? Well the investors might have been thinking the same thing, but there aren’t a lot of sponges that can do what this one can do or display the kind of versatility that the Sponge Daddy can. The presentation was kind of cutesy and a little bit TV in nature but it did manage to show just how useful the sponge is and what it’s really capable of, which is great since it would have been embarrassing otherwise. So it might look like a cute toy for kids to get them into cleaning but the sponge did end up being worth millions when it finally hit the market.

You might never know it by looking at some of these products but they’ve been making money hand over fist ever since they came out.

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