How the Show Sister Wives Has Evolved Over 16 Seasons

How the Show Sister Wives Has Evolved Over 16 Seasons

When Sister Wives debuted on TLC more than a decade ago, the world had never seen a show like it. Centered around the Brown family, Sister Wives gave the world an up-close-and-personal look into what it’s like to be part of a plural family. Over the years, viewers have watched the Brows go through their fair share of trials and tribulations and it has certainly been an interesting ride. While there are lots of things about the Browns that haven’t changed over the years, there are even more that have. In many ways, the Brown family we see today is completely different from the one we were initially introduced to. Keep reading to see how Sister Wives has evolved throughout its 16 seasons.

The Brown Are Grandparents

One of the biggest (and most heartwarming) things that have evolved over the years is the size of the Brown family. There are now three grandchildren in the mix and there will likely be more on the way. At the moment, Madison has two children and Mykelti has one. The birth of the grandchildren has been one of the brightest spots in the family’s story over the last few seasons.

The Browns Were Forced To Leave Utah

When Sister Wives started, the Browns were living in Lehi, Utah. At the time, polygamy was outlawed in the state and the family’s participation in the show resulted in them being 0ut under investigation. In order to protect themselves and their children, Kody and his wives made the decision to leave Utah and move to Las Vegas. As you can probably imagine, life in Las Vegas was a bit of a culture shock for the entire family, but for the most part, they seemed to enjoy their time there. Around 2018, the family relocated once again and went to Flagstaff, Arizona. The laws in Utah have since changed and the Browns have considered moving back, but it’s something that they’re not all on the same page about.

The Family Doesn’t Seem As Well Adjusted As They Once Did

The whole idea behind Sister Wives was to show the world that people involved in plural families aren’t really any different from everyone else. In the beginning, the show seemed to accomplish that goal. The Browns presented a united front at first, and they really seemed to highlight what could be seen as the benefit of having a large plural family. Over time, however, this perception has certainly changed. The Browns are no longer a happy family and their dynamics have actually shown to be somewhat unhealthy. Lots of viewers went from saying aww at the Browns to saying eh.

The Family No Longer Lives In One House

One of the most interesting things that viewers saw during season one was that the entire Brown family was living in one large house. Although this was a little unorthodox, it allowed the family to spend lots of time together and it really contributed to them being a solid family unit. However, after having to leave Utah, the family became split into multiple households. Although they all lived close together, the dynamics were much different. Over the years, it appears that living in different houses has really taken a toll on the family. The children who have different mothers didn’t get the opportunity to really grow up together, and the bond between the wives has certainly lessened over time. Since living in their own houses, the wives have certainly gained a new level of independence which has also shifted the dynamics.

The Children Are Less Involved in the Show

At the beginning of the series, the children in the Brown family played a much more significant role. That has certainly chained over the years. Once the first group of Brown children started to grow up and move out of the house, the focus seemed to shift almost exclusively to Kody and his wives. Of course, the children still make appearances – especially the older ones. At this point, though, it is mostly only during major life events.

Kody’s Marriages Have Hit Rough Times

It goes without saying that all marriages go through things, but the problems are definitely intensified when there are more than two people in a marriage. What started off as a happy family is now almost the complete opposite. Since the beginning of the show, two of Kody’s wives have become significantly less interested in the marriage. It started with Meri, who at this point is only married to Kody on paper. In November in 2021, it was also announced that Kody and his third wife, Christine, had divorced.

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