Why Fans Think It’s Time for Sister Wives to Come to An End

Why Fans Think It’s Time for Sister Wives to Come to An End

When Sister Wives premiered on TLC in the fall of 2010, it was considered a groundbreaking series. The show offered a never-before-seen inside look into a plural family. Although their dynamic was very unconventional in the eyes of many, the Brown family quickly showed the world that they weren’t so different after all. They won the hearts of millions of viewers, and people enjoyed watching the family grow and change. In recent years, however, things in the Brown family have gotten a little dicey. The family no longer lives under one roof, and Kody seems to be having a difficult time keeping all of his wives happy. While drama is usually seen as a good thing for reality TV, some viewers are getting sick of it.

Several members of the Brown family no longer seem interested in being on TV. On top of that, Kody has fallen out of the good graces of lots of viewers. Many can’t help but think he has narcissistic tendencies that are difficult to watch. Sister Wives going off the air would definitely be the end of an era, but it’s one that many would welcome. Keep reading to learn why fans think it’s time for Sister Wives to call it quits.

Why So Many Viewers Are Over Sister Wives

In the beginning, things seemed to be all good with the Brown family. When viewers were introduced to them, the Browns were living in Utah. However, they eventually moved to Nevada after the local community expressed anger over them sharing their plural lifestyle with the world. The family moved again in 2018 and currently lives in Arizona.

It’s no secret that every family goes through their ups and downs, but the Brown family has faced lots of unique challenges that have only gotten worse. Kody and his first wife, Meri, have had a very rocky relationship in recent years, and some speculate that she will eventually leave the family.

On top of that, deciding where to live has become a huge issue in the family. Kody wants the family to live in one house the way they did when the children were younger, but the wives prefer having their own houses. This has led to countless arguments. Now that many of the Brown children are adults, it seems like Kody and his wives have come to a crossroads that has become awkward to watch and viewers can’t help but comment.

The Browns Don’t Seem Happy

A Reddit User named wrb0823 has started a thread explaining why they won’t be watching the show anymore. In a post, they wrote, “After this last season I’m not going to be watching sister wives anymore. I feel like I am contributing to the wives staying in the marriage for the show and I want them all to leave…”

Another user named rinap88 also added, “I hope they cancel. Kody is awful I think Christine wants to be in Utah with her other kids and grandkids. I think the show is keeping them there.”

The Browns No Longer Seem Like One Family

Many viewers have also commented on the fact that the family has become very disjointed. Instead of seeming like one big family, the Browns now present themselves as four families with Kody somewhere in the middle.

Overall, the general consensus seems to be that the show has run its course. The Brown family no longer seems to be interested, and viewers are getting tired of watching them in the same scenarios. More than anything, though, it seems like a lot of viewers just want Kody’s wives to leave him.

Some fans also suggested that they would be open to a spin-off following the lives of the Browns’ adult children. Since TLC has done quite a few spin-offs of other popular reality shows, it wouldn’t be surprising if the network decided to go in this direction.

Will Sister Wives Be Canceled?

When Sister Wives debuted, most people probably never thought it’d be around this long. Regardless of anyone’s personal opinions about the series, there’s no denying the fact that it’s been a huge success. It has also been instrumental in teaching a lot of people about polygamous relationships.

Now that the 15th season of the show is over, lots of people are wondering what the future holds. At the moment, the show has yet to be renewed for another season. That said, there isn’t anything to indicate that TLC won’t be bringing the show back. For now, fans will just have to sit tight and wait for the announcement.

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