Meet The Cast of Amazon’s Tampa Baes

Meet The Cast of Amazon’s Tampa Baes

Meet The Cast of Amazon’s Tampa Baes

Amazon is a lot of things. It’s the place you go to buy what you need to buy and have it delivered to your door in seconds. It’s the place where people respond to compliments from strangers with, “Thanks! Amazon!” as if it’s a full and complete sentence. It’s also a place where you can stream shows you love to watch on television as well as movies, and the entire franchise now makes its own shows and movies, and now we have something called “Tampa Baes,” to look forward to. The entire premise of this new show is to get to know a group of young, attractive, interesting lesbian women over the course of eight shows. Each lives, works, and plays in the Tampa Bay area, hence the ‘baes’ portion of the show title, and the world is excited to see this new show, meet the new cast, and find out what’s up in the LGBTQ+ community in Tampa Bay. Without further ado, we’d like to introduce you to the new cast.

Ali Myers

Myers is a 28-year-old Texan. She moved to Florida when she was in her early 20s because it was where her girlfriend, Nelly, was living. She’s wildly successful in the real estate industry, and she is someone who loves to go out. Experience is her thing – she likes to try new foods and new cultures, new places, and she loves to travel.

Nelly Ramirez

She’s the 25-year-old girlfriend to Ali, and she’s mostly a Tampa Native. Sure, she lived in Queens, and she is Dominican, but she’s been in Tampa so long that it’s her home. She’s a permanent makeup artist who has her own business – and it’s a successful one – and she is known for being the one who always tells it like it is, even when it might not be what you want to hear.

Shiva Pishdad

Shiva is 27, and she’s a born and raised Tampa girl. She is Iranian-American, and she is a graduate of the University of South Florida, which is located in Tampa. She is currently back in school where she hopes to obtain her master’s degree in management and information systems. Essentially, she’s in a lab all day long working as a microbiologist, and she is happy with the direction her life has taken. She’s very social, but she knows she has a penchant for gossip that sometimes finds her in an uncomfortable situation.

Jordan Whitley

She came from Delaware to Florida to pursue her degree in nursing – and a relationship that did not last. She’s not located in one place right now because she’s an ICU nurse of the traveling variety. She’s gone a lot, she spends a lot of time working in different hospitals in different locations, and she loves every second of it. What is so much fun about Jordan Whitley, though, is that she was a college athlete in the NCAA Division I category. She’s very much into helping bring awareness to mental health issues.

Marissa Gialousis

She’s already 30, and she’s living her dream. She’s a registered nurse living and working in Tampa. She lives with her girlfriend, Summer. She is exceptionally Greek, and she brings her Greek upbringing into her life as often as possible.

Summer Mitchell

She’s Marissa’s girlfriend, and she is 29. She is a native Floridian, but she’s from Jacksonville. Marissa is the reason she is in Tampa, and she loves it. We are not entirely sure what she does for a living, but she does it all with enthusiasm and passion.

Cuppie Bragg

Cuppie has an important job. At the age of 34, she’s the oldest on the show, and she’s also someone who does hard work. She’s a trauma nurse who is currently working on obtaining her master’s degree as a nurse practitioner. Since she’s not a working nurse at the moment while she’s back in school, she bartends at a local strip club, she works out at the gym, and she spends time with her friends. When she’s not doing those things, she’s studying.

Brianna Murphy

She was born in New York City, she was raised in New Jersey, and she’s dating Haley Grable. She’s a house flipper, an investor, and many other things in the real estate industry, and she is well-known in Tampa because of her success. She is, actually, widely known for her success in the area, which is sometimes hard on her girlfriend because they are regularly in the limelight.

Haley Grable

At 28, Haley has been ‘out’ for a decade, but she’s still not sure she feels entirely accepted by many of the people in her life. She’s someone who came to Tampa because she liked the scene after visiting a few times, and she’s just trying to find her place in a world where she’s not sure she fits in all the time.

Melanie Posner

Mel is 27, and she is an artist. She’s a muralist, and she’s well-known within the Tampa community for her beautiful work – much of which you can see around the city if you take a look. She has been in Tampa for eight years now, and her goal in life is to spend as much time outside as possible and to have as much fun living in the moment as possible.

Olivia Mullins

She’s younger at only 24, but she’s not slowing down because of it. She’s from Alabama, where she grew up with her family. She’s a bartender in the downtown Tampa area, and she lobes it. She’s into travel, music, her dogs, and spending time with her friends.

Sarah McKenzie

You can call this 27-year-old Mack. She’s in sales, and she loves Tampa so much she’s been there her entire life. She is very much into the arts, but she is not into labels at all.

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