Everything We Know about The Sex and the City Reboot So Far

Well, there are two big things to know about the Sex and the City reboot, and apart from being another ten-episode return to a story that people apparently want to see more of, it will be minus one character since it would appear that Kim Cattrall is currently engaged in a feud of some sort with Sarah Jessica Parker and that she won’t be making a return to the project. Many people have already speculated what this is going to mean when it comes to the show, but several are already thinking that nothing too dramatic is going to happen since the three women that are left should be able to handle the load on their own, and as anyone should already know at this point, nothing is written in stone when it comes to Hollywood since things tend to change all the time. That’s not to say that Kim is going to up and forget the feud and trying to fight her way back into the show, but things do happen and it’s easy to think that something will happen to even everything out at some point since a lot of people might be missing her in the reboot, which will apparently focus on women who are still friends and are now dealing with the same issues as well as other things that come from growing older. In other words, this show and the movies have been about the strength of their friendship and what it’s been like to grow with one another over the years, which is touching really since it’s something that a lot of people can relate to and might find appealing.

Back in the 90s the show was definitely one of the more popular programs, and it’s fair to say that the popularity hasn’t waned as much as some folks might think, but 17 years later one has to wonder just how people are going to react to a group of women in their 50s that are still attempting to make their way through life in a manner that doesn’t appear to be that much different than they tried to get through life in their 30s. In a big way, these women have been role models in their own right, but they’ve also been deemed as the norm for a generation that has made it clear that they’re not going to be bound by what society thinks of as normal when it comes to the roles that women have been expected to fill for so long. That’s empowering in a way to be certain and would spark a lot of debate between those that take pride in traditional values as well as those that think that women shouldn’t be bound by what others think. In a way, that is what the show is about, women who aren’t conforming to what society wants even as they conform to what they want and what they feel will define them. In a big way, it’s kind of a big game to figure out who’s fooling who when talking about conformity, since like it or not, this is a game we all play at some point given that no matter which way we turn, we’re conforming in some way to a set of standards and what society expects us to do.

It could be that the reboot is going to offer a completely different perspective as the women have all aged considerably and it could be that things will be altered enough that people will see great changes in them and their outlook on life, but if anyone is holding their breath they can probably let it out now. Trying to keep the show as much the same as ever is probably a goal that was hardwired into the show no matter how old they became. The show will no doubt manage to impress many people with the continually ridiculous ways that the ladies find their way into and out of certain problems, but that’s the show, and that’s what attracts people to the overall story. For some of us, understanding the allure of the show ha always been a bit confusing, but that’s the thing with any story, it’s not bound to be for everyone and if it entertains those that get into it, then so be it and so much the better for them. The show has been filled with enough comedy and drama over the course of its showing that people have become hooked and have actually been calling for more, and now it would appear that they’re finally going to get it. Watching women in their 50s trying to navigate through life though will be a bit different, but that’s likely what people are counting on since too much of the same might not have the same effect.

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