Man Builds Rideable, Electric-Powered TIE Fighter

What if you had your own rideable, electric-powered TIE Fighter? You’d be the coolest kid on the block no doubt, or perhaps one of the biggest nerds who ever lived. Either way it’d be pretty cool since watching a TIE Fighter as it came rolling at you would be something out of the norm and likely to draw a crowd. After looking at what it would take though you might figure that it’s something the likes of which would take a shop that would rival that of Adam Savage to complete. The engineering and work that would go into this thing would be immense as the welding of the frame and the detailing of the hull would be a huge undertaking for some.

But it all depends on if you really like this kind work and could get into it. Just watching it go together you can imagine that everything would have to be exact enough that it would fit together properly and not leave anything loose or uneven that could possibly compromise the entire structure. From the wings to the cockpit the entire thing would have to be sturdy and sound enough to hold a human being and the wiring alone would have to be well-insulated and up to code just to be safe enough to allow someone to ride in this marvelous contraption. Once you’re in however this would be too cool. Just being able to fit into the cockpit however would mean that the construction would have to be form-fitted to the individual doing the riding. But if that wasn’t a possibility then it would still make a great kids’ toy until the kid got older and then it just became one of the biggest remote-controlled toys in the world.

You might wonder if it’s possible to construct other craft as well. The ultimate enemy of the TIE Fighter, besides its own inherent weaknesses, would be the X-Wing, which has been made on a smaller scale but would still be a formidable job to accomplish. One would have to decide if they wanted the wings to actually lock into attack position or stay together. Most of us should be able to guess however that the true Star Wars fan would want the S-foils to lock into attack position for better effect, which would preclude the need for a little more work that needed to be done. The TIE Fighter is a little simpler since its wings are fixed and don’t open and close. They just shatter on impact in the movies when it comes to an energy bolt even grazing them. In all seriousness however this guy managed to create a really cool-looking TIE Fighter that seems like it would be the envy of the neighborhood, but it’s likely that it took him a while and the welding wasn’t as simple as people might think from the clip.

Just imagine though if a toy company decided they wanted to take this design and make it into something marketable. How long would it be before we saw TIE Fighter dog fights in the streets?

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