Five Horror Movie Deaths That Left Us Really Sad

Five Horror Movie Deaths That Left Us Really Sad

It’s a little difficult to think of being sad in a horror movie when you’re just dancing on the tips of your toes with anticipation to see how the killer is finally going to get dealt with. But there are some genuinely sad deaths that make us get a little emotional in these films. More often than not they’re the characters that we’ve come to care about and even like more than several others. Like it or not we can’t stand when they die because they seem to have an aura around them that says they’re safe and can’t possibly be touched. But guess what? EVERYONE can be touched in a horror flick.

Here are some of the saddest deaths ever.

5. Dick Halloran – The Shining

It was kind of hard to really get attacked to Halloran since he’s kind of there and gone by the beginning of the movie. But the bond he shares with Danny is something that makes him a special character and as a result makes him seem like he should live. In the book he did live, since Jack only breaks his jaw instead of burying an ax into his chest.

4. Carrie White – Carrie

It’s not often that you get sad when the person doing all the damage is killed off, but then again Carrie didn’t get much of a fair shake at life. She was kept by a sinister mother that used her religious beliefs to her own ends, and constantly humiliated by the young women at school that didn’t understand her and didn’t care to. It’s easy to be sad for a young woman that just wanted acceptance.

3. Nancy Thompson-Nightmare on Elm Street: The Dream Warriors

Nancy was the lone survivor of the first movie, you would think that would give her some kind of invincibility or at least an edge over Krueger if he ever came back. But even a legend only gets to last for so long before their use is up and it’s time for them to go. Nancy did manage to go out like a champion though as she didn’t go down without fight.

2. Gage Creed-Pet Sematary

It’s been pretty common knowledge that when it comes to horror no one is off limits any longer, not even kids. Gage Creed died a horrible, horrible death. Worse than that, his parents had to see it. Even worse than that was the fact that he came back, killed Judd, and then had to be killed again by his own father. So that’s two bad deaths before the kid was even able to recite his ABC’s. That’s rough.

1. Newt-Alien 3

Now this seems like one of the biggest cheats of all time. They couldn’t get the young woman back for a sequel, likely she would have been a little too old to explain it away anyway, so they up and kill her. It’s about the only thing they could do besides trying to find a decent match for Newt, but it still feels like a giant cheat that they took just to get the film made. And lo and behold the third installment of Aliens was horrible anyway. And why? Because the one girl that had withstood hellish conditions that a band of marines couldn’t even handle for a matter of hours wasn’t there to advance the story line just a little bit.

Sad deaths in horror movies are almost a given.


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