The Five Best Orlando Bloom Movies of His Career

The Five Best Orlando Bloom Movies of His Career

The Five Best Orlando Bloom Movies of His Career

Orlando Bloom is kind of a tricky actor to cast since he’s so well known for certain role that putting him anywhere else kind ruins him for a lot of people since they have high expectations from his other movies. But thankfully throughout the years he’s proven to be adaptable since despite his fame within just a few different roles he’s managed to perform quite well in other movies where is character is far different than anything he’s done. This seems to be one of the dangers of using a person extensively for one role even if it was for just a few movies, they get typecast very quickly and are expected to perform as usual by the fans. But one thing about Orlando Bloom is that he is able to step out of those roles that helped to make him so famous, though the fans might need a little more convincing at times.

Here are five of his most popular movies.

5. Elizabethtown

Drew is having a hard time with life, he just lost his job over a costly mistake, he lost his girlfriend, and as he’s contemplating suicide he learns that his father just died. When his mother refuses to go to Kentucky to retrieve his body he makes the trip and meets a good deal of family he hasn’t seen in a long, long time. He also meets a woman that falls for him despite the fact that he’s kind of emotionally wrecked at that time. Eventually however thanks to her Drew does figure his life out and starts to realize where the joy he was missing for so long has gone. By the end of the movie the two of them end up together and things are on a much better track.

4. Kingdom of Heaven

Balian is a man that was seemingly cursed from the start, as his wife committed suicide, the priest that presided over her admitted to taking her head due to her sin, and in retaliation he killed the priest and fled. Thankfully however his father, the baron of Ibelin, had already offered him a place in his company, so as to atone for the sin of never getting to know Balian. When the baron dies Balian is appointed in his place, though the politics of Jerusalem soon prove to be quite deadly as the current king is dying of leprosy and the man in line to take the throne is not an ally. And on the other side of the equation is an enemy that knows the deserts in which the Crusades took place, which makes Balian’s plight even more treacherous.

3. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

You might think that the second or third movie would have been a better representation, but the Curse of the Black Pearl was the movie in which Will Turner really came out and started to show who he was. He was just a blacksmith that could fight and honorably, but when he was paired with a pirate his skills started to improve, as did his outlook on the world. There’s not a lot of honor in piracy most of the time since it’s take what you can and give nothing back more often than not. But throughout the movie Will did learn one thing, you can always trust a dishonest person to be dishonest, honestly.

2. Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

This particular scene was just too great to pass up since the rivalry between Gimli and Legolas was legendary after this film. Considering that Legolas wasn’t even that prominent in the original story his inclusion into the movies was something that had a lot of people scratching their heads. But when his bow went to work and his skills were shown people stopped caring since he brought an edge that the heroes sorely needed and was just awesome to watch. The fact that he wades forward seemingly without fear is amusing since Gimli, who as a dwarf was raised to not fear the mountains, seems rather hesitant.

1. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Again, Legolas didn’t really have a lot to do with the Hobbit originally since the story didn’t feature him. But after seeing his involvement in LOTR it was kind of expected that he would come back and be a game-changer again. This time however he’s tougher, he’s seen to be stronger, and he can definitely throw down with some of the biggest, baddest orcs that the movie has to offer. One thing that’s different however, you get to see Legolas bleed in this one after taking on the brute in this scene. That was a new development since from his first appearance in Tolkien’s world he seemed to be too quick or too agile to ever take much damage.

Orlando Bloom is great when he’s in an action movie, but he can do a lot more.

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