Interesting Video on the Miniature Effects in Blade Runner 2049

Interesting Video on the Miniature Effects in Blade Runner 2049

Interesting Video on the Miniature Effects in Blade Runner 2049

It’s getting harder and harder to be wowed these days when it comes to movies, but then someone comes along that makes something so impressive that you can’t help but say ‘wow’. It’s not so much the use of the miniatures in Blade Runner 2049, it’s the scope and the intricacy of the details that goes into them that’s so amazing. Each and every building has been mapped out, measured, and created in an effort to give the audience landscapes and structures that are so imposing that it’s almost impossible to think that they could exist outside of a movie setting. Looking at this clip you almost get the sense that anyone could do this with the right tools, but the lighting, the work that goes into it, and the overall effect that is finally created is simply intense.

Blade Runner, created a very high bar when it came to the visual effects. It was surpassed eventually, as always happens in Hollywood, but it was still able to gain in popularity as the years went by and despite some of the more clunky and less impressive pieces seen within the movie it still amazed many people. Blade Runner 2049 thankfully rose to the challenge and came right back with its own stunning visuals that are insanely detailed and create a movie that is visually compelling even if it faltered on a couple of other fronts.

The Blade Runner movies are confusing in many ways to those that don’t know enough about the story. The overall tale of the movies is fairly simple if you follow the main characters. It’s when you begin to lose yourself in the greater details that exist beyond the main films that you can get a bit confused. There’s so much going on the films that it’s easier and wiser to follow the main characters so as to avoid any loss of cohesion in the movie. However the fact remains that the Blade Runner story does go a bit beyond the movies and has many roots before and in between the main films that was only explored once people started showing such interest.

The unrest between replicants and humans is something that takes center stage in Blade Runner 2049, as it is a prime reason why Gosling’s character is out seeking Deckard. The continuing struggles are something that began in the first movie and have carried over to a great degree. Both movies are essentially another means by which to show how human being seek to destroy themselves and then, lamenting the fact, seek to destroy that which they created.

Both movies are filled with stunning sets and landscapes that help to drive the plot and create a feeling of tension within the story. The miniatures in the second movie are used in much the same manner as the first to show how LA has become a riotous and very dark place that is severely overcrowded and is rife with crime, poverty, and those that are just seeking the means by which to survive. Each one of them is a masterpiece, which makes the look of the film that much better.

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