Five Disney Movies That Don’t Have a Villain

Five Disney Movies That Don’t Have a Villain

Five Disney Movies That Don’t Have a Villain

A lot of us have watched plenty of Disney movies and we might have even argued that there’s plenty of violence in a lot of them and controversial topics that we’d rather not have kids learn about. But one thing that a lot of people don’t tend to notice since it tends to go against the overall formula is that some Disney movies don’t tend to have villains in them. There are those movies such as Moana that have a villain that has a reason for being bad since Te Ka was actually the negative version of Te Fiti. But there are movies in which a villain is never really named and doesn’t need to be since the misunderstanding or overall story that takes place is one that doesn’t need the complication of a villain since things are already tough enough. In movies such as these, the overall lesson is usually one that has to do with one’s mental fortitude and dogged persistence when trying to reach a goal. Sometimes a life lesson is far harder to learn than the weakness of a villain, in which case some movies are better off not having a main antagonist since otherwise, things might get a little too complicated.

Here are five Disney movies without a villain.

5. Brother Bear

Kenai is the main character of this story and the reason why there is no villain is pretty simple, the humans are as close to being the villains as one can get in this movie. After his older brother Sitka dies defending Kenai and Denahi from a bear, Kenai tracks the bear down and kills it. At one point however he’s turned into a bear, whereupon he bonds with Koda, the bear cub whose mother Kenai killed. After coming to understand what it is that he was meant to learn, Kenai opts to remain a bear in order to take care of Koda, who has been left with no one else in the world to watch over him.

4. Angels in the Outfield

The closest thing to a villain in this movie would be Roger’s dad since he gave up on getting his son back and left him in a home with other kids. But apart from that, even Ranch Wilder doesn’t qualify as a villain since he’s just a jerky mouthpiece and doesn’t really work towards the ruination of anyone. This movie focuses on a few negatives since kids in the foster system do tend to have to wait a long time to get placed, but the overwhelming positive vibe of this movie was kind of nice. Plus, if anyone was paying attention it had a pretty decent cast to it as well, and a few actors that are no longer with us.

3. Cool Runnings

The German team and one former coach is about as close to villains as this movie comes since it’s more about the Jamaican team defying the odds and fielding a bobsled team that is worthy of the Olympics and can shut the haters up in a big way. The fact that they got John Candy for the role was kind of amusing, but this feels like a very underrated movie even if it deviated a bit from actual history. It was a fun movie and it did have a lot of heart put into it, especially when one considers that at one point Jamaica didn’t have a bobsled team and most people would have laughed as they did in the movie.

2. Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

Honey, I Blew Up the Kid had a definite villain, but this movie was more accidental than anything since the dangers that the kids were facing in their tiny forms were about as bad as it really got. This movie was actually kind of fun since a lot of people managed to get into it and a lot of folks wanted to know how the effects were produced since one can just imagine giant set pieces that were used. But one thing about this movie is that out of all the movies he did, Rick Moranis apparently felt closer to this one than any other. That’s kind of interesting, to be honest.

1. Inside Out

This movie really had enough going on without the addition of a villain since the inside of Riley’s head was a mess once she moved to San Francisco and everything started to change. It does make a lot of people wonder what’s going on in their own heads since the emotions that are provoked from time to time make it clear that there are certain internal buttons that might get pushed at the wrong moment, which then elicits a response we might not have wanted to make. But it was a lot of fun all the same since a lot of people can probably relate.

Disney movies don’t always need a villain.

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