Five Hilarious “Trying to Park” Scenes in Movies

Five Hilarious “Trying to Park” Scenes in Movies

Trying to find a parking place in real life is hard enough, but trying to find one in the movies can be absolutely hilarious. There’s nothing really to parking so long as you’ve got space and the experience needed to position your car so that it won’t hit anything, and won’t be hit by another driver. But yet somehow in movies people find the darndest ways to mess this up by finding new and inventive methods by which to park their car. Sometimes it involves high speeds, other times just a measure of bad luck and bad timing. And then there are those times when the parking should be fairly easy but someone gets it in their head to make it so increasingly complex that it looks absolutely awesome but in no way should be replicated in real life. In other words, park the car, don’t do aerial acrobatics with it like some films depict.

Parking a car is easy, parking it well takes at least some skill.

5. Fried Green Tomatoes

At the beginning of this film Kathy Bates’ character would never do something like this. But after meeting an old woman in the same nursing home where her husband’s relative stays she finds a part of herself that was missing and just goes with it. A word to the wise in terms of taking an older person’s parking space, they usually do have better insurance and no time for your attitude.

4. The Heat

You would almost think a lot that’s going to be used for wider cars would be fitted with parking spaces that could fit them all in without this problem. Even a stick-thin individual would have troubles getting in and out of this tiny space, so you know it’s way too close. Now think about Melissa McCarthy, who is a bigger woman, trying to get in and out.

3. Ace Ventura 2: When Nature Calls

Leave it to Jim Carrey to take possession of the crazy entry on any list. There’s a perfectly good road that loops around the jungle but nope, he’s bound and determined to take the  more interesting way. Luckily there’s just enough left of this jeep to actually make it to the consulate, but then, in true Ace Ventura fashion, he just has to go for the hat trick.

2. Dukes of Hazzard

It wasn’t the best movie ever made but the newest version of the Dukes of Hazzard did have a few interesting scenes. This one in which the guys unwittingly get stuck in between two construction vehicles was kind of funny both because of how they landed and because of what came after. There was some redeemable material to this movie even if people didn’t want to admit it.

1. Black Sheep

Generally speaking you don’t want to park anywhere but the side of the road if you have to pull over, so parking the median of the highway really isn’t the best choice. But seeing as how both driver and passenger were stoned off their gourd it’s at least understandable.

Parking, is not, that hard.

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