The Big 4 Looks…Interesting

The Big 4 Looks…Interesting
The Big 4 Looks…Interesting

Credit: The Big 4

Indonesian movies don’t tend to come to Netflix that often compared to many others, but this one feels like it’s going to be worth talking about. It feels safe to state that people are going to feel the need to laugh and be amazed when The Big 4 hits since, quite honestly, it looks like a lot of fun and could be a great action comedy that can kind of cap off the year. Despite being run with subtitles, the movie looks like a good time already since the four specialized assassins that are introduced at the beginning of the trailer appear to exist for a purpose, as the job they’re shown performing has to do with taking down a crooked orphanage that appears intent on harming children in one way or another. But thanks to their different roles, the Bait, the Badass, the Sniper, and the Leader, it would appear that they have everything covered. Completing the group is the Mentor, who becomes the main reason why this movie gets the premise it does, as his death at the hands of another criminal is what brings the 4 out of retirement and sets them on the trail of a killer known as the Scorpion of South East Asia, which is kind of a lengthy title but still sounds like something that fits into this movie since it’s not all about hard-hitting, gritty action, as there appears to be plenty of comedy laid into the mix as well. 

Make no doubt about it; the story appears to label the 4 as criminals. 

They are assassins after all, and while many governments have sanctioned such individuals, it would appear that these individuals might not be sanctioned by anyone, meaning that they’re freelance and otherwise criminals given that they answer to no one. That’s what it appears to be, however, and it’s reinforced by the fact that Dina, the daughter of the Mentor, is a law enforcement agent and is on the trail of her father’s killer, and she’s trying to find the 4 as well, which is bound to be kind of a snag in the movie simply because the law and freelance killers don’t always get along that well. But with the comedic element that is already prevalent in the trailer, it’s fair to state that things are going to kick off in a way that will get people to smile quickly and often since the timing appears to be nothing short of great. 

It would appear that other groups are going to be brought into the mix to take out the assassins and the daughter of the Mentor. 

The way forward in this movie isn’t going to be easy since it’s simple to note the fact that the main villain isn’t going to be working alone and that others are going to be joining the fight to take out the assassins and Dina. But the comedy is bound to continue given that the enemies aligned against them do appear to be kind of unhinged, which is bound to give the movie a feeling that things are going to be kind of wild and out of control at times, but will reach a pleasing resolution at one point or another. Or, it could happen that the movie will remain comedic but take a very serious turn at some point as the assassins and Dina find that they’re not quite as up to the task as they thought and will find themselves pinned down at one moment or another. It’ll be interesting to watch no matter what happens. 

The Big 4 Looks…Interesting

Credit: The Big 4

This movie looks like it could be a lot of fun or be completely ridiculous, or both. 

There’s nothing wrong with a zany action comedy, but it does feel as though things are going to take a few silly turns now and then, as The Big 4 looks like the type of movie that might not take itself that seriously at times. Still, this could be a good thing if the dialogue is skilled enough and the story is crafted in a manner that is bound to give people what they want and then deliver what they don’t expect now and then. People do love to be surprised every now and then, and action movies are capable of delivering a healthy amount of surprises that can keep people on their toes when they think they have a good handle on things. 

The fact that it has subtitles isn’t a big deal. 

Some people don’t care for subtitles, and some don’t really care since the voiceover method is even worse, considering that the discrepancy between the words being spoken and the movements of the actors’ lips can be a little off-putting. But the actual subtitles aren’t such a big deal since the fact that this is an action movie makes one think that it’s going to be better to just watch and catch up with the dialogue as one can. The action is the main point, after all. 

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