Five Great Scenes in Movies That Heavily Involve Eggs

Five Great Scenes in Movies That Heavily Involve Eggs

It’s one of the simplest things to make and goes with so many different meals that an egg never really gets thought of as anything but a staple that’s used in a person’s kitchen and as just another prop in movies and TV. But in fact there are many great scenes that involve eggs in a big way that kind of set the tone or continue it for many movies. It almost makes a person feel sorry those that think that so many eggs being broken and misused are unborn chickens being unjustly murdered. Yeah, those people need a biology lesson.

Eggs are a good bit for comic relief as well as a big plot point in some movies.

5. Ghostbusters

You might think that the eggs in this film are for the most part just a prop, and you’d be right. But it’s become one of the most iconic scenes in film anyway since the whole nature of the scene is something that people have identified the film with. Seriously, if your eggs start popping out of the carton and sizzling on the countertop it’s time to do something other than standing there with your hands over your mouth. It might be time to call an old priest and a young priest.

4. The Benchwarmers

This is another movie where eggs are used as a prop and not much else but they’re used in a funny way at least. When the Benchwarmers make their way to a town that’s notorious for egging comic book conventions it’s obvious that they’re going to take a dim view a bus that’s decked out in a huge Star Wars motif. They would also be likely to egg the players since they’re seen as older but are still nerds in their own right.

3. Aliens

So far the eggs on this list have been edible and harmless, but these had to be added because they are eggs and they are a big part of the movie. Of course when you think about these eggs the last thing you think about is getting creamed with one or sticking any part of it in your mouth. The paradoxical thing however is that while Sigourney Weaver could only cringe and shout in horror in Ghostbusters, she’s ready to do a little egg-sizzling of her own in this epic movie.

2. The Croods

And we go back to the funny. The Croods are your typical caveman stereotypes since they’re not too bright, they’re savage as all heck and they have to forage and hunt for their food. In this case this egg seems to be the only meal they’re going to get for the next few days to a week it seems, since they happen to reside in a barren wasteland. The irony of this is that once their cave collapses they realize they’ve been living on the other side of the mountain from a lush, tropical jungle.

1. Anger Management 

It’s a struggle to get ready in the morning sometimes but it’s even harder when you have to make breakfast for someone else as well as yourself. Added to that the sudden reaction of a plate being smashed on the wall over your head and it seems like Dave might be in for a very stressful day.

Eggs are a great way to inject humor or terror into a film.

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