Watch The Insane Movie Trailer for Ebola Rex

Watch The Insane Movie Trailer for Ebola Rex

It’s hard to tell if people are just bored or feel the need to make their own entertainment, or both. Ebola Rex is kind of like Jurassic Park on the lowest possible budget one can afford, meaning next to nothing. Somehow a captive dinosaur, not sure where it came from, is injected with the ebola virus, for some reason, and escapes to terrorize the general populace. It sounds like one of the most ridiculous ideas for a movie ever concocted, but throwing stones at this time isn’t the wisest thing to do since a lot of major studios have come up with some truly terrible ideas that have all but tanked at the box office before the pandemic hit. Low budget movies such as this aren’t bound to win an Oscar unless the standard for the Academy Awards crashes through the floor into the underground, but it is a way for people to have fun with an idea that’s not necessarily supposed to be great and is only supposed to mediocre in its own way. In other words, Ebola Rex isn’t going to be even close as big as Sharknado, but it’s a movie that allows a film crew to have fun with an idea and push something to the public that will likely be watched by more than a few people.

After all, if there are movies out about murder hornets and 5G zombies then it’s fair to state that this idea isn’t too far wide of the mark since it’s right in the same ballpark. A T. Rex terrorizing a city isn’t a new idea after all, but one that’s infected with ebola certainly is, so there are some points to be had for creativity. Apart from that however it’s time to sit back and try to laugh since the movie isn’t bound to take itself too seriously and it’s very likely that it will acknowledge just how silly it is at one point or another. Movies that can make light of themselves are usually some of the best simply because they don’t raise the expectations of the fans that high and tend to just have fun with the whole idea. Dinosaurs are obviously still a popular idea in movies as the next Jurassic World, and whatever might come after that, are already being talked about, and the movies that came before Jurassic World are still up for discussion. Obviously someone sat around wondering what might happen if a T. Rex was somehow infected with a deadly virus and went berserk on everyone. Would a T. Rex really need a virus to do such a thing though?

The pertinent questions that might come in light of any other dinosaur movie somehow fall flat when it comes to this one since it’s kind of like punching down in a big way, even for those that haven’t made their own movie in the past. Pointing out the errors and the lackluster effects at this time isn’t exactly kind or needed since to be certain, the movie isn’t going to be blockbuster, summer or otherwise, but is something to have fun with and laugh at in a good-natured sort of way. Movies such as Ebola Rex are basically for fan service, to give up something stupid to watch and jeer at in a manner that’s not cruel or mocking, but is almost friendly in a way. That could sound odd to a lot of people since mockery isn’t usually seen to be a good thing, but there are times when it’s perfectly okay since there are movies that appear to invite it. This would be one of them obviously, especially given that the low budget means that it’s going to be sharing some very cheesy and hard to handle effects, not to mention acting that looks more like something that might serve as a spoof on an actual show or big-time production. With all that in mind though, one can easily think that just enjoying this movie shouldn’t be too hard since the summer has been kind of ho-hum thanks to the virus and the fact that not too many movies have been able to come out apart from those that have made their way to streaming. People just want something to watch, and even if streaming is offering up a wide assortment of different networks and shows to choose from, it’s obvious that some folks just aren’t satisfied as of yet.

Ebola Rex looks like a brainless movie that’s going to be watched and possibly forgotten by fans should the theaters ever open, but for now it’s a distraction from the fact that the movies just aren’t what they used to be, especially since we can’t go see them in the theater. Sometimes you take what you can get, especially now.

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