Our Five Favorite Taylor Swift Photo Conspiracy Theories

Our Five Favorite Taylor Swift Photo Conspiracy Theories

You know how it goes, if someone seems that sweet and that innocent they’re going to be the center of a mass of conspiracies. Taylor Swift is a prime target then because no matter how bad people might say she is at times, and there are just a few that say such things, she’s still about as innocent as they come. Whether that’s one hundred percent true or not doesn’t matter, it’s the fact that the face she shows to the world is that of a very innocent young woman just trying to do what she can to entertain the masses that seem to find her entertaining. Conspiracies abound about people such as Tay-Tay, and there’s always someone that’s willing to spread them around like wildfire just to see where it might catch on. With that in mind, here’s a few conspiracies that you may or may not want to believe.

It all depends on how you feel about little Miss Swift.

5. She is a reincarnated Satanic cult leader.

Somehow, some way, somebody decided the Taylor Swift looks a lot like Satanic cult leader Zeena Schreck, who was high priestess of the church of Satan for about five years. Go on and shake your head at this but think about it. How better to corrupt all the children of the world, and those adults who like listen, than to pour the sugary words of an innocent young woman into their ears while all the while making people more submissive? Yeah, it’s ridiculous, and largely because Zeena Schreck is still alive.

4. She carries empty purses around.

Have you ever seen the average woman’s purse? It’s filled almost to the brim with a clutter of stuff that many women tend to think of as important and vital to their everyday existence. These bags usually drag on the arms of those who carry them simply because they’re so laden with unidentified objects that men don’t dare reach in for. But Taylor carries hers so effortlessly that the absence of anything inside is kind of obvious. I don’t really think she’s stronger than she looks.

3. Her ‘relationship’ with Tom Hiddleston was a publicity stunt.

Considering that Taylor was going through a breakup with Calvin Harris not long before this the relationship seems like something that would get people off her back when it came to asking how she felt about Harris. Also, it was there and gone so fast that it was little more than a blip on the consciousness of Hollywood’s gossip magazines. For his own part Hiddleston could probably do a lot better than Swift.

2. She goes to the gym but doesn’t exercise.

You know what you look like when you leave the gym right? Even if you shower and take the time to doll up again you still look like someone that’s been working out. You’re a bit sore, a little stiff, and you don’t walk like you’re completely rejuvenated until the next day or so. But hey, I guess some people go to the gym to enjoy the sauna and the hot tub. It makes you sweat, right?

1. She belongs to the Illuminati.

Seriously? Can Taylor even spell this? It’s not a knock on her intelligence, it’s a matter of whether she knows what it is or not. A lot of people can’t even spell it let alone tell you that it’s supposed to stand against injustice in all forms but has over the years been somehow linked to a great number of Satanic rituals and has a lot to do with the number 13. I kind of doubt this one, mostly on the grounds that Taylor likely doesn’t know too much about it.

Think any of these are real?


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