Our Five Favorite Performers Who Appeared on Masters of Illusion

Our Five Favorite Performers Who Appeared on Masters of Illusion

Our Five Favorite Performers Who Appeared on Masters of Illusion

Let’s face it, when it comes to magic you don’t really want to know how the trick is done even if you say you do. You want to be surprised. You want to be amazed, and you want to be entertained in a way that you don’t fully understand. That’s why illusionists are so great at their craft, they are always finding ways to amaze people and make them believe that what they see is completely real. People might know better than to believe in the true existence of magic in the world, but the illusionist will give them the fantasy that it exists.

Here are just a few performers on Masters of Illusions that you might have seen and been amazed by.

5. Jibrizy

He’s got the charisma that an illusionist needs and the silver tongue that makes a performer appealing to crowd. It takes just talking to the person a lot of times, it takes making them nervous, unaware of just what they’re getting into, and then it takes the turn, getting them to believe that what they saw and experienced could possibly be real. But the real trick is that no matter how much you want to ask, you still won’t.

4. Michael Grandinetti

This might be an easier trick to explain but it’s mostly how he leads into it. And like some of the best illusionists he makes light of the situation and doesn’t take the lack of applause or oohs and aahs personally. He knows his trick and he knows what to expect. While it’s not the grandest trick in his arsenal this one definitely gets the crowd’s reaction as they wonder just what might be happening inside that box.

3. Jonathan Pendragon


The sawing in half trick is a classic, and it takes a real showman such as this to really pull it off with any success. Many people might have seen it, might have deduced just how it’s done, but there’s still a new generation coming out that might want to see it themselves. It’s an old school trick that still hasn’t lost its touch thankfully.

2.Murray SawChuck

Mixing comedy with illusion is great because now the audience really doesn’t know what to think. They’re laughing, they’re watching, and eventually they realize that they can’t possibly do both. That’s when they try to do one or the other and tend to miss out on quite a bit, much to the illusionists’ delight.

1. Angela Funovits

Ever watch The Incredible Burt Wonderstone? This is very similar to what Jim Carrey pulled for one of his acts when trying to impress the head of a casino so that he could get a booking. If it’s at all real then this is a level of commitment that keep an illusionist on the shelf for a month or two at a time. Yikes.

Quite honestly you don’t watch an illusionist to try and sort out their tricks. You might think you want to know but the truth is that you really want to be surprised. You want them to fool you somehow.


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