Five Of The Craziest Fan Theories About Famous Shows

Five Of The Craziest Fan Theories About Famous Shows

For decades, there have been shows on television that were hit shows. These shows had millions and millions of fans. It seems that the more popular the show, the more theories there are about the show created by fans. Some of these theories actually make sense, however, some of them are pretty crazy. Even the craziest theories make other fans think. Below is a list of the 5 craziest fan theories about popular television shows.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air- Will Was Actually Dead

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was one of the most popular television shows in the 1990’s. The show takes a kid from the ghetto named Will and has him move from Philadelphia where he was raised by his mother, to live in Bel-Air with his aunt and her family. During the show’s theme song, you learn that Will was in a fight in his hometown. Out of fear, she sent him to live in California where the streets were safer.

Fans have a few crazy theories about this show. The craziest one has Will being killed during the fight in Philadelphia. He is either beaten to death or he is shot during the fight and he dies. When you see will pulling up in front of his family’s mansion at the beginning of the show, the cab is actually his ride to Heaven. Moving into a beautiful mansion surrounded by friends and family is many people’s ideas of Heaven. His mother comes to visit a few times during the series. Fans say that his mother isn’t actually at the house visiting Will, she is at his grave speaking to him in Heaven. It is a pretty crazy theory, however, many people actually believe that it is true.

Five Of The Craziest Fan Theories About Famous Shows

The Walking Dead- It’s All A Dream

The Walking Dead is one of AMC’s most popular shows on television. If you have been living under a rock and never heard of the show, it is about the zombie apocalypse happening. Rick, the main character, leads a group of people to try to keep everyone safe not only from the zombies but from what the apocalypse turned society into.

When the show began, Rick, who is a sheriff, was shot before everything fell apart. When he woke up, the apocalypse had started and he had to escape from the hospital and then out of the city. Glen helped him get out of a tank that he was seeking refuge in. When Glen brought Rick back to his group, Rick found his wife, his son, and his best friend living with the group. Unfortunately, his wife had already taken up with his best friend.

One of the craziest, yet most popular fan theories is that the zombie apocalypse never happened and that Rick is dreaming what happens while he is in a coma. His wife Lori, his best friend Shane, and his son Carl are all visiting him in the hospital and this is where he hears their voices and they become part of his dream. When Shane and Lori die in his dream, they actually got serious and stopped visiting Rick. This is why they are dead in his dream because he no longer hears their voices as they stopped visiting. Just because Lori and Shane don’t sit by Rick’s bedside, Carl still does. This is why he is still part of Rick’s coma dreams.

Five Of The Craziest Fan Theories About Famous Shows

Friends- They Are All in a Mental Hospital

Friends is one of the most popular sitcoms in television history. Over the years, there have been plenty of fan theories. One of the craziest is that the entire gang is in a mental hospital. Ross is there because he cannot function in the real world due to his Asperger’s syndrome. Phoebe is there because she could not cope with her mother’s suicide. Monica is there because she was bullied so terribly as a child due to her weight. Chandler is there because of his traumatic childhood. Joey was there after sleeping with a married woman and her husband beat him up, leaving him with a traumatic brain injury that sent him over the edge. Finally, Rachel was locked up by the courts for sociopath behavior. The fan theory says that the group is all locked up in a mental institution together and what happens in the show is what they imagined would happen in their lives. This may sound like a far-fetched theory, however, some people actually believe it.

Five Of The Craziest Fan Theories About Famous Shows

Saved By the Bell- It Was All Zach’s Fantasy World

When we first met Zach Morris, he was on the show, Good Morning, Miss Bliss. Screech, Lisa, and Mr. Belding were also on the show. On Good Morning, Miss Bliss, Zach was a bit of a nerd and couldn’t get a girl to save his life. Also, every time he cooked up a scheme, Miss Bliss immediately shot it down. When the Disney Channel wasn’t getting the ratings they had hoped for, NBC picked up the series. They got rid of Miss Bliss, Mikey, Nikki, and Milo, and they added Slater, Kelly, and Jesse. The show went from being set at John F. Kennedy Jr. High in Indiana to Bayside High School in California. On Saved By the Bell, Zach is a ladies man who pulls off the craziest schemes imaginable.

The fan theory says that everything that happens at Bayside High is just a figment of Zach’s imagination. He is so tired of being a loser in Indiana, that he created a whole new life in his head to make himself happy with who he is.

Five Of The Craziest Fan Theories About Famous Shows

Gilligan’s Island- The Characters Represent the 7 Deadly Sins In Hell

Gilligan’s Island was one of the most popular shows of its time. A group of 7 people set off on a day trip on a boat when a storm hits and they become stranded on a deserted island. Week after week the group tries to make the island home while trying to find a way off of it.

The fan theory about this show is that the group died on the island and they all went to hell. Each person represents one of the 7 deadly sins. The Professor refuses to admit that he cannot find a way off the island, making him “pride”. Thurston Howell III is rich, making him “Greed”. His wife, Mrs. Howell is rich and lazy, making her “Sloth”. The Skipper is always yelling at Gilligan, making him “Wrath”. This and the fact that he is overweight makes him also, “Gluttony” Ginger is sexy, making her “Lust”. Maryann is jealous of Ginger’s good looks and extravagant lifestyle, making her “envy”. Finally, Gilligan is always messing up the group’s plan to get off the island, making him Satan.

Fans have some pretty wild imaginations when it comes to the theories they have on their favorite shows. Some sound plausible and some sound pretty crazy.

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