Five Cool Facts About Horror Movie Star Angela Bettis

Anyone who knows anything about Angela Bettis might be able to tell you that she’s had a reputation for showing up in horror movies kind of regularly. They’d be right since she has popped up in a few of them be it on TV or on the big screen or even in direct to DVD movies in some cases. She’s played her parts beautifully but in truth that’s not the only kind of movie she’s ever played in. In fact there are a few facts about her that have nothing to do with horror.

After all she had to start off somewhere.

5. She had her debut role at the age of 18.

Her first role was a in film called Sparrow, which was an Italian drama that was not horrific in the least. Instead it featured her as a nun that was forced to leave her convent and ends up falling in love with a young local man. Unfortunately when she is ordered to return home she has to forsake her love and go back to her life as a nun. This was really more of a romantic tragedy than anything.

4. She had a part in the 2002 TV adaptation of Carrie.

The tragic and horrific tale of Carrie White has been told and retold now and in 2002 Bettis got to play the titular role of the telekinetic young woman that eventually flipped out and caused a catastrophe that consumed the lives of many of those that had made her life miserable. This adaptation didn’t seem to go too far since it’s not as well known, but anyone that can claim they’ve been Carrie White in a movie should be able to raise their head a little higher.

3. At one point she ran Cross Country at the State level.

If you’ve ever been engaged in sports at any level then you’ll know just how tough it is to get to district championships, let alone state. This is the goal that a lot of young athletes are looking for when they’re first starting out as it means that they’re the best in their field and the best on their team at something. State championships are what a lot of athletes dream of when they hit the field, track, or wherever they’re sport takes place.

2. She had a supporting role in Girl, Interrupted.

Bettis played the role of Janet Webber, an anorexic young woman that had a very short temper and was constantly being sarcastic and kind of a downer to the other girls. She didn’t have a whole lot of lines but she was mostly there for support and played her part quite easily. It’s just more proof that she doesn’t always do horror.

1. She also had a role with Kim Basinger in Bless the Child.

Her role in this movie is kind of hard to take since she drops her daughter off with her sister to start with, and then comes back and abducts her in order to control her daughter and the powers she holds inside of her. It’s a chilling story of the battle between good and evil that many films have tried to convey.

Honestly, Bless the Child was seriously underrated.

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