Five Classic “Asleep at the Wheel” Movie Scenes

Five Classic “Asleep at the Wheel” Movie Scenes

As dangerous as they are in real life, scenes in which the driver is asleep at the wheel are something unique that offer up a kind of thrill and comedic moment that you just can’t replicate all the time. Of course in the real world this would be disastrous and have almost no chance of allowing the driver or those in the car with them a chance of survival or coming out unscathed, but in the movies something usually tends to happen to even things out. Plus it’s one heck of a wake up call when you hit something.

But really, don’t try this in real life.

5.Reno 911

Reno 911 had to be one of the most insane shows ever created and they decided to make a movie out of it, which bombed without too much surprise. It was funny in some aspects, but in this scene you find out that everything that’s been happening prior has been a dream experienced by one of the officers. That wouldn’t be too bad except for the the fact that he’s behind the wheel of a moving vehicle. It’s also odd that his fellow officer didn’t notice. But hey, it is a comedy show.

4. Phat Beach

When two friends decide to take a ride that should be off limits to make their way to LA for some fun in the sun the trip becomes something right out of a comic book as they encounter a few problems along the way. Unfortunately one of those problems comes from the fact that they continue driving well past what’s considered sane for any person and both of them fall asleep while still driving. That’d ruin a vacation pretty quickly.

3. Due Date

I do believe after getting my arm in a cast I would want to club Galifinakis with it repeatedly. Not only is he annoying as all heck throughout the movie but his character falls asleep behind the wheel and then veers into a construction zone and off of a bridge. Now if you’re thinking that this would mean instant death for everyone in the car you’re not too far off base. But there is that slight chance that they’d survive, though not without some serious aches and pains.

2. Dumb and Dumber

The thing about this moment is that you get to see everything inside of Lloyd’s head but you don’t get to realize the limitations of the dream until Lauren Holly’s top comes off. Now while the adolescent boys in the theater might have been crying foul the rest of the audience was likely thinking that things were about to get very real in a hurry when the headlights started flashing. Thankfully Lloyd woke up in time to avoid a collision.

1. National Lampoon’s Vacation

Eventually everyone that watched these movies knew that anything with Clark Griswold was never easy or entirely safe since he tended to do things in such a haphazard way that it’s a miracle his family survived him for so long. And yet somehow everything worked out okay and they continued to survive….somehow.

Really, get enough rest before you drive.

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