Five Characters Charlie Hunnam Can Play in The MCU

Five Characters Charlie Hunnam Can Play in The MCU

Charlie Hunnam is one of those actors I can’t believe isn’t playing a superhero already. He’s definitely a popular template for some pretty fine fan art, but I would like to see one of those become a reality. He’s handsome, he’s a good leading man, and he’s usually seen as a very ripped hunk. I for one, loved him in Sons of Anarchy, where he killed it as the super cool Jax Teller. It really showed his acting chops and convinced me he’s bankable as a leading man. Whether he’s an anti-hero or a straight-up hero, Hunnam can really shine in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With their third phase ending and their next phase launching off a new era, there’s plenty of room for some great talent to join the party.

Put on your leathers, Charlie Hunnam fans, because it’s time to talk about the five characters he can play in the MCU.

5. Hercules

I remember reading a while ago that Charlie Hunnam auditioned for the role of Thor. While it’s hard to imagine a world without a Chris Hemsworth-less Thor, I can totally picture Hunnam as a compelling Thor. He unfortunately (or fortunately) lost out on the role, but there is another god he can play in the MCU. Here’s a little hint: he’s a popular god from Greek mythology, not Norse mythology, and he’s very, very strong. That’s right, you guessed it. The one and only Hercules. Hunnam may not be incredibly big and muscular, but he’s still tall (he’s six foot one) and as I said earlier, he’s widely known for playing very ripped tough guys.

What makes him best suitable for the role is his ability to play angry, reckless anti-heroes. Hercules isn’t as noble as Thor; he’s very much aware that he’s an ultra-powerful god and loves being worshipped as one. While he ultimately means well, his attitude and recklessness causes many problems. Hunnam can play this aspect of the character well, serving as a dark reflection of Thor. This can not only lead to some interesting conflict between them, but introduce the Greek gods to the MCU as well.

4. Adam Warlock

Aside for having the perfect head of blond hair, Charlie Hunnam has the acting ability to play Adam Warlock. Warlock was briefly teased at the end of Guardian of the Galaxy Vol. 2, and introducing him fully will really open a Pandora’s Box for the MCU. What makes Adam Warlock intriguing the constant conflict he faces with himself. He is destined to become a force of evil in the form of Magus, but he ultimately chooses to defy his fate and die for the greater good. Does that remind you of a certain character Charlie Hunnam played? Jax Teller constantly battled his own demons, and ultimately refused to walk the criminal path he was originally destined to take.  If he can sell it as Jax, he can pull it off with Adam Warlock.

It’ll be a while before we see Guardians of the Galaxy 3, but if Adam Warlock appears, I hope Hunnam lands the role. A character like that can even lead a new team of Guardians and set up a dangerous future villain like Magus.

3. Kraven the Hunter

Who doesn’t want to see Kraven the Hunter on the big-screen? It’s been heavily rumored that he’ll be hunting the fugitive Peter Parker in the next Spider-Man movie, but the question still stands. Who is going to play him? Charlie Hunnam is among the few actors I can think of who can pull off the villain. The thing that gives him an edge for this role is solely his looks. Hunnam can take off his shirt, slap on the Kraven outfit, and you have an awesome look for a villain. Yes, you can modernize the outfit, but Kraven was never meant for theatrics. His appearance reflects his intimidating nature, and it’s a look that Hunnam can pull off. Hunnam excels in playing convincing tough guys, and what’s tougher than going up against Spider-Man?

2. Sabretooth

Forget the hero and anti-hero for one second, and just imagine Charlie Hunnam as the most vile villain possible? I can see him playing a fully feral version of Wolverine who doesn’t hold back. The best Marvel villain who fits that description is Wolverine’s greatest enemy, Sabretooth. I’ve been dying to see this character come back to the big-screen since Liev Schreiber brilliantly portrayed him. It’s regrettable that he couldn’t be in a better movie, and it’s unlikely we won’t see him again, but it’s only a matter of time before we see Sabretooth return to the big-screen. Casting him for his MCU debut is a challenge, given the type of character he is, but I believe Hunnam fits the bill.

For starters, he rocks the long and blond hair, something that Schreiber lacked, and he’s a big guy. He may not be as big as the actual character, but he really doesn’t have to be. Hunnam is already tall, muscular, and once again, he’s great at playing tough guys. Sabretooth, however, is more than just a tough guy. Out of all the Marvel villains lurking in that universe, he is considered to be one of the most violent. Hunnam can play a very violent character, while having a bit of a human side to him. We’ve seen this during his time in Sons of Anarchy, as he grew increasingly comfortable with cold-blooded murder as his character developed. As Sabretooth, Hunnam can play him as a vicious villain, but also add his famous charisma into the mix to make him more human.

1. Gambit

Watching Hunnam in his King Arthur movie almost has me convinced that he can pull off a great Gambit. I say “almost,” because all he’s missing is the Cajun accent. It matters very little though, because a good accent is something a good actor can pull off. If Hunnam can nail that distinctive Cajun accent, he’s all in for Gambit. What I saw in his performance as King Arthur was the likable scoundrel with a knack for sarcasm. This is crucial for Gambit’s character, because he’s like a modern day Jack Sparrow. He’s been an ally and enemy to the X-Men and his powers are just too cool to not see on the big-screen. He comes off as laid-back, but when his buttons are pushed, he is not someone you want to trifle with. This is the kind of Gambit we need in the MCU, and it’ll balance out the diversity the makes the

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