Whatever Happened to Nia Peeples?

If you don’t recognize Nia Peeples don’t feel too bad, but if you do then you were obviously an 80s kid since that was when she got her start. She’s been active for a lot of years now but it would seem that some of her work went under the radar since she hasn’t been what you might call a big name in Hollywood in a while. But instead of selling her short there are a few clips below that will give you a better idea of what she’s done and why she’s still relevant to the industry. If anything she’s been one of the many actors from the 80s that has taken to staying on and guiding younger actors as they continue to come on the scene in order to make certain that they will carry on the traditions and legacy of Hollywood while still stretching themselves out in new directions that will give the audience something new and exciting to see.

Here are a few things that have shown Nia throughout her career.

North Shore

In terms of surfing movies this would definitely be one to watch since it not only features a couple of the top-rated surfers in the world but it also goes deeper into it than many people would really understand. There is after all a very communal nature between the surfer and the water that some people get and others probably won’t ever understand thanks to the perceptions they cling to and the beliefs they foster. But this film was among Nia’s first and while it does kind of have that cheesy, 80s movie feel that was somewhere between edgy and sappy, it did manage to convey at least some of the feeling that people get when it comes to what means to be a soul surfer.

Walker, Texas Ranger

Apparently it became too predictable to see Walker kick the crap out of the bad guys and they had to bring someone else in. That’s a joke, but really when Nia was brought in she got to be another super-tough Ranger that was hard for anyone to take down and just as vicious with those kicks and punches. She didn’t come in until season 7 and she lasted for season 8 as well. Unfortunately that was when the show went off the air as the ratings were going down and the number of viewers had dropped rather drastically. Walker definitely had a time and place in the 90s but after a while it just got to be a lot of the same and not enough diversity from show to show. The good guy is supposed to win obviously but occasionally they do need to lose.

Celebrity Wife Swap

This show is fairly ridiculous since it’s hard to believe that any of it is real, but it is really entertaining at times. The biggest and most entertaining part is to think that anyone would be allowed to come into another person’s home and start making up rules based on their lifestyle when the chances are better that they’d simply be expelled from the house. But again, it’s a bit of fun for those that love to believe in reality TV and like to think that the celebrities would have just as many issues with a different person’s lifestyle as the average person would. In this episode Nia got to switch places with the 80s singer Tiffany, and obviously there were a lot of things that they did differently that the other didn’t agree with. But hey, that’s reality TV, it’s not all real, but it is really amusing.

Pretty Little Liars

When the friend to a group of girls goes missing they start getting threatening messages about a year after the event. Initially they think that it’s their friend sending the messages, but when her body is found they start to realize that it’s someone else that has a vendetta against them. As shows go it’s supposed to be one of many that’s thrilling and intriguing but in reality it comes off more as a teen show that has more drama than anything. It’s definitely a show for those that enjoy the modern soap opera sitcom.

Nia has managed to stay pretty busy throughout the years and has for the most part been prevalent in both TV and film. In the late 80s and early 90s she even put a couple of albums with several singles that were well-received and gained her a little more attention. At this point in cinematic history however Nia is among those that many people probably still remember but is still someone that many have to look up and rack their memory for. This is how it is with a lot of individuals that got their start in the 80s and then kind of faded into the background. But guaranteed, she’s still here and still has a very stable career.

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