The Horrific Story of How Walton Goggins Lost his Teeth

The Horrific Story of How Walton Goggins Lost his Teeth

Walton Goggins is an American actor who has shown up in a remarkable number of movies as well as a remarkable number of TV shows. For example, he had a part in the Tomb Raider movie as well as the upcoming Ant-Man and the Wasp movie. Likewise, he has shown up in an episode of The Big Bang Theory in 2018. As a result, there are a sizable number of people out there who will recognize Goggins because of his characteristic grin, though it should be mentioned that there is actually a rather interesting as well as a rather horrific story behind them.

How Did Walton Goggins Lose His Teeth?

In short, Goggins lost his two front teeth when he was still in school, though most people wouldn’t realize it based on no more than a casual look at his smile. What happened on the first time was that he was running around the baseball diamond at his school because he had shown up late for baseball practice. At one point, he heard his name, he turned his head, and then the next thing that he knew was that he was on the ground while his two front teeth were beside him because a baseball had smashed into his face. Goggins was fortunate in that when his mother’s boyfriend rushed him to the ER, where the ER personnel managed to put the front teeth back into their sockets upon consulting a dentist over the phone, where they eventually wound up reconnecting with the roots. Unfortunately, the whole experience happened without the benefit of modern painkillers, meaning that it was rather unpleasant to say the least.

Even worse, Goggins lost his two front teeth a second time at around one and a half years later. That time, he jumped into the shallow end of the pool, with the result that his head collided with the pool. Unfortunately, while his lost front teeth reconnected the first time, Goggins wasn’t so lucky the second time around, particularly since dentistry has seen some major advancements in the time since.

On the whole, the story of how Goggins lost his two front teeth serves as a chilling reminder of just how important our chompers are to us. Certainly, they can be replaced if they are lost, but that doesn’t change the fact that teeth loss tends to be a rather traumatic experience. In fact, the fear of the loss of teeth is so bad that it is a common theme for dreams, which is sometimes thought to represent a feeling of helplessness.

Whatever the case, interested individuals should know that they are not helpless to protect their teeth. For example, if they are planning to participate in a sport involving hard impacts, they should make sure to wear a mouthguard, which should serve to protect their teeth from coming out in the same way that Goggins’s did. Furthermore, if they do lose their teeth, they should act fast to make sure that they grab their teeth by the crown and preserve them in a sterile solution of some kind. If they get their teeth to their dentist, they have a realistic chance of getting them reattached, particularly if they act sooner rather than later.

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