10 Things You Didn’t Know about June Foster

10 Things You Didn’t Know about June Foster

10 Things You Didn’t Know about June Foster

If you’re a fan of reality TV (admit it, you are), you’ve probably watched more hours of Below Deck Mediterranean than you care to share. There’s just something about the popular reality TV spinoff that people can’t get enough of. A few months ago, fans were excited when the show welcomed a new cast member, June Foster, aboard the ship. Although her time on the show as short lived, she’s still a popular topic of conversation among Below Deck Mediterranean fans everywhere. So, what’s so special about June Foster? Let’s find out.  Here are 10 things you didn’t know about June Foster.

1. She’s An Author

Before becoming a reality TV star, June Foster wrote and released a book. In 2018, Foster’s novel The Girl and the Golden Leaf was published. According to Foster’s website, the book focuses on a teenage girl, Tia, and her brother who are looking to better their circumstances after the death of their parents. Tia was eventually offered an acting gig which she hoped would be a meal ticket. But, the opportunity may not be as positive as she thinks.

2. Her Father’s Passing Inspired Her To Join Below Deck

Most people’s deciding factor for wanting to join a reality TV show probably isn’t very meaningful, but that isn’t the case for June Foster. Her decision to pursue an opportunity with Below Deck wasn’t just about getting some camera time. Foster revealed that after sending her CV in to join the boat’s crew, she received a call on the anniversary of her father’s death. Her father passed away in September of 2016. Foster says, “I remember thinking at the time, ‘Papa would want me to do that.’ He was so supportive. We would sit down and watch Below Deck together, so that was always my thing with him.”

3. She Loves To Travel

Getting a job on Below Deck Med was probably a dream come true for Foster because she loves to travel. In fact, Foster spends most of her time traveling and has been to several countries including Indonesia, Italy, and Poland. Foster enjoys traveling so much that she doesn’t mind going on adventures alone. She even prefers traveling over buying material things.

4. Below Deck Wasn’t Her First Experience On A Yacht

June Foster definitely isn’t a veteran in the yachting world, but she did come to Below Deck with some previous experience. Foster was professionally trained by the Super Yacht Crew Academy in Australia. She also has certifications from Royal Yachting Association.

5. She Lives In Arizona

It goes without saying that June Foster probably doesn’t spend too much time in the house, but Arizona is the place she calls home. Most of the time, Foster is working out of the country, but despite her many travels all over the world, she still makes time to rest and relax at home.

6. She Moved On Quickly After Below Deck

Unfortunately for Foster, who time on Below Deck Med was short-lived. However, she didn’t let being fired from the show keep her down for long. Shortly after leaving the show, Foster landed a new job which she was excited to share with her Instagram followers. In a post on her IG story, Foster shared that she was working as an assistant researcher on a 1930s sailboat on the coast of Ischia. She also added that there were no hard feelings towards anyone from Below Deck.

7. She Runs An Online Store

June Foster is definitely a hustler who isn’t afraid to go after what she wants. In addition to traveling and working, Foster also runs an online business called Yacht Inspired which she launched in 2019. Her love for the sea is what inspired her to open the store and she hopes to share this feeling with her customers. Through her store, Foster sells a variety of yacht themed items including clothing, accessories, and drinkware. In addition to merch, Yacht Inspired offers resources that aims to help yacht captains/owners improve their employees’ experience while working on the boat.

8. She’s A Yoga Instructor

At this point, you may be wondering how June Foster has time to do anything else in addition to the things we’ve already covered, but it looks like she’s got time for at least one more thing. Foster is a yoga instructor. She was formally trained in Ashtanga yoga at All Yoga in Indonesia. The good thing about being a yoga instructor is that Foster can use her training while she travels.

9. She Supports Conservation

As someone who enjoys traveling and seeing everything the world has to offer, it should come as no surprise that June Foster is also very interested in conservation efforts. Foster proudly supports conservation and believes in utilizing resources as effectively as possible. Through her business, Yacht Inspired, Foster supports The Conservation Project International (T-CPI). In her book, she also touches on conservation as well as other issues that impact the world including human trafficking and poverty.

10. She Loves To Volunteer

Foster’s schedule may be packed, but she still takes time to volunteer. Foster is someone who genuinely cares about the people and world around her and is interested in helping however she can. With an extra special place in her heart for children, Foster has spent lots of time volunteering with the non-profit, Childhelp. The organization is focused on working with victims of child abuse as well as preventing future instances. Foster has been working with Childhelp since 2016.

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