The Five Biggest Moments from the Arrow Season 3 Premiere

Arrow Season 3 Olicity

Last night’s Arrow Season 3 premiere is pretty much the only TV topic that people want to talk about today and for good reason. The series returned with a fantastic episode that not only reaffirmed the things that Arrow does so well (action sequences, entertaining villains, etc.) but also tried to change up the show’s status quo a little bit as well. Here are the five biggest moments from the Arrow Season 3 premiere.

Oliver and Felicity’s date

Although the romantic dinner that the Oliver and Felicity share ends up getting interrupted (by a rocket no less), this was still a huge step for Arrow. The series has always danced around the idea of Oliver having feelings for Felicity, even using them as twist plot point against Slade in last season’s finale, but with Oliver trying to embrace both his life as a hero and as a person, he finally acknowledged his connection with Felicity and acted upon it. Plus, even though the date was cut short, it was filled with some great moments like Felicity’s nervous talking (““And I’ve seen you shirtless. Multiple times. Shirtless all the time”) and Oliver recalling the first time the two of them met.

Roy suits up and shows his skills

Much of Arrow‘s second season was about Roy’s journey towards becoming a hero, and while he became a part of Team Arrow, his character still didn’t feel completely “there” yet. However, Arrow Season 3 has quickly shows us that Roy means business and that, probably thanks to a lot of training from Oliver and Diggle, he has a ton of skills that he can now use to ward off bad guys as he stands alongside the Arrow as Arsenal. Not to mention, how sweet is his red suit?

Diggle becomes a dad

He’s been Oliver’s partner since the beginning of Arrow, but in last night’s premiere, John Diggle got assigned a new role: father. It will be really interesting to see how Arrow Season 3 shows Diggle trying to balance his commitment to his family and his loyalty to the team, especially after his conversation with Oliver last night where he told him that he was right to have taken him out of the field.

Oliver kisses Felicity

The much-teased kiss between Oliver and Felicity was sweet, emotional and satisfying but also probably heartbreaking for Olicity fans out there, as Felicity told noncommittal Oliver to “then say never. Stop dangling maybes” during their conversation before she walked away. And of course, there was Oliver saying,”Don’t ask me to say I don’t love you.” So much wonderful Olicity angst, which I’m sure there will be plenty of in Arrow Season 3.

Sara’s death

Despite everything else that came before it, though, the biggest moment of the premiere by far was the episode ending death of Sara Lance, who had returned home to Starling City to help out Team Arrow and continue reconnecting with Laurel. Instead, though, she was mercilessly murdered by an unseen archer, and the final image we had from the Arrow Season 3 premiere was Laurel clutching her dying sister on the ground, yelling for help. Shocking, devastating and just full-on heartbreaking stuff, but some great television nonetheless.

What did you think were the biggest and best moments from the Arrow Season 3 premiere?

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