Five Awesome Movies with a Rotten Tomatoes Score of 25% or Less

Five Awesome Movies with a Rotten Tomatoes Score of 25% or Less

There are so many things I’d love to say about movie critics and why they don’t feel as essential to the cinematic experience as some people feel they are, but there are those time when they appear to get it right and are in sync with the audience when it comes to liking one movie or another. Then there are times that critics such as Rotten Tomatoes do what they do and hand out criticisms to movies that people actually enjoy and do their best to ensure that people will change their minds when it comes to said movies. True, a person will like what they want to like, but there are plenty of folks out there that will decide what to watch based on what a critic will say and what kind of grade they’ll hand out to a movie. There are plenty of movies that Rotten Tomatoes have granted a 25% score to that actually deserve it because their story and their overall production standards were just that horrible, but there are also movies that deserved a lot more attention and were unfairly criticized for one reason or another. Of course, at the end of the day, it all comes down to the perspective of those that want to enjoy the movie and those that think it’s utterly worthless. When it comes to movies it’s a matter of personal taste really, and critics are usually just talking heads that say what they want, just like anyone else.

Here are a few movies that Rotten Tomatoes gave a score of 25% or less to.

5. Drop Dead Fred

How many of us had imaginary friends growing up? How many of us had friends that would get us to do the kind of things that the girl in this movie did? While he was a great imaginary friend when it came to having fun, Fred was also the type that managed to get the little girl in trouble more often than not since a lot of what they ended up doing was destructive and even malicious at times. But these facts still didn’t keep people from enjoying the movie since the idea of an imaginary friend is still one that a lot of people enjoy and the truth is that a lot of audience members could empathize with the main character.

4. Grown Ups

It really doesn’t feel like Adam Sandler gets much love from Rotten Tomatoes unless his movies are either entirely serious or are going way out of control as he did in his Happy Gilmore days. Grown Ups was a fun movie that made a person wonder what might happen if they tried to go back to their old stomping grounds to feel young again, and brought their own kids to show them how it was done in the good old days. It was pretty goofy, to be honest, and it was a little over the top with some of the content, but it was funny all the same and it was the kind of movie that a lot of people would love to relate to.

3. Grandma’s Boy

For a movie that caters to gamers in a big way without making them all look like hopeless geeks that can’t get a girlfriend, this movie didn’t really get a whole lot of attention. It was funny in a way that embraced controversy and mocked the life of gamers in a fun and harmless way, but it was also the type of movie that was meant to be taken as a joke more often than not instead of something that was bound to simply show up and insult anyone before running off into the distance. This movie is still worthy of cult classic fame and it’s become something that people still watch even if they have to be reminded of it.

2. Norbit

Normally I wouldn’t argue for this movie since I didn’t enjoy it and didn’t think it was worth that much, but there has been such an outpouring of support for Norbit that it’s hard not to think that it should have been given more consideration since the fans enjoyed it immensely. Some might argue that Eddie Murphy taking on so many different roles and using a fat suit is problematic, but these are likely the same people that still laughed at The Nutty Professor remake and were probably thinking that anyone stating that it’s just wrong needed to lighten up. It might be time to practice what they preach.

1. Highlander 2: The Quickening

True, this movie was kind of a trainwreck of moderate proportions, but the story is sound and the acting could have been even better had the dialogue been given another run-through in the editing process. The Highlander story is one that has a lot of fans and as a result, those fans are bound to watch each and every movie and show that comes along. But while this movie would never be given a high rating it didn’t really deserve the rating it received.

The critics do tend to get things wrong from time to time.

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