Five Awesome Hugh Jackman Crying Scenes in Movies

One of Hollywood’s leading men who manages to seem like an all-around nice guy on and offscreen is Hugh Jackman (The Greatest Showman). Who hasn’t fallen for his luscious Australian accent and formidable acting abilities that have landed him monumental roles over the years? Jackman is an achiever at all fronts. Aside from his big screen projects, he is also a notable presence in the world of Broadway. He always has something up his sleeve and seems to be incapable of disappointing us with his ventures. It’s hard to stay relevant in the ever-changing and uber competitive world of show business, yet Jackman seems to handle it all so effortlessly. He may be known for his action-packed characters, but there are some instances wherein he has also unexpectedly tugged on our heartstrings. Here are the five best crying scenes of Hugh Jackman, in no particular order:

5. The Fountain

Jackman starred alongside Rachel Weisz (The Favourite) in this film that explored romance and magical realism. It involved three storylines that involve immortality and effects of lost love. The characters of Jackman and Weisz travel through different time periods, but are bonded by their love that somehow surpassed infinity and beyond. One of the timeframes that Jackman lived in was through the character of Tom Creo, a modern-day surgeon who lost his wife Izzi, portrayed by Weisz to a brain tumor. The scene wherein Tom had a hard time coming to terms with Izzi’s death was palpable and raw. The film showed how love knew no boundaries, and who better than Jackman to convey the emotions of a man who would go to great lengths for love.

4. Prisoners

The thriller had us holding our breath from start to end. The film followed the abduction of two young girls and the search for their abductor. Jackman portrayed the role of Keller Dover, the father of one of the missing girls. The scene where he had to identify photos of bloodied clothing taken from the scene of the crime was gut-wrenching. Jackman’s emotions as a worried father were palpable throughout the film, and more so in this scene. His anger transformed into heartbreaking sadness as soon as he identified familiar pieces of clothing.

3. Les Misérables

The film adaptation of the iconic stage play was given justice through its unforgettable portrayals and powerful performances. Jackman played the role of Jean Valjean, an ex-convict turned successful businessman. He was merciful, kind, and caring especially to those who suffered the same fate as him. This led him to become the guardian of Cosette, portrayed by Amanda Seyfried (Mank) after the death of her mother, Fantine, portrayed by Anne Hathaway (The Devil Wears Prada). The scene where Jean bade a tearful goodbye to Cosette before he passed on felt like a father giving his final wishes to a daughter. Jean may have led a difficult life, but he did not allow the challenges to turn him into angry and bitter person. The role of Jean seemed to be tailor made for Jackman, whose portrayal felt so natural and organic in every aspect.

2. The Greatest Showman

The biographical musical drama was an explosion of stunning visuals and eye-catching performances. It followed the story of P.T. Barnum, portrayed by Jackman, a talented showman who had a vision of creating a circus spectacle that became larger than life. P.T.’s performance of “From Now On” was a pivotal moment in his life and career. He was facing bouts of setbacks that was making the journey to success tougher than expected. The song signified hope in a better tomorrow and determination in facing the challenges ahead. Jackman’s portrayal was a force to be reckoned with, and whose character served as a strong foundation to carry out the inspirational film.

1. Logan

Jackman is no stranger to the world of superhero movies. His portrayal of Wolverine was monumental, and paved the way for sequels to be made. This time around, Jackman played the role of an ageing Wolverine, who was also known as Logan, whose life found a new purpose after his encounter with a young mysterious mutant, Laura, portrayed by Dafne Keen (His Dark Materials), who reminded him of himself in many ways. Logan did everything in his power to protect Laura, and this included fighting the dark forces that wanted to capture her. The scene where Logan was slowly losing his mutant powers, which led him to be killed by the enemy was highly emotional, especially for Laura who lost her fierce protector. Jackman gave justice to each and every Wolverine performance, there really is no one who could do it better.

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