Five Awesome Bus Scenes in Movies

Five Awesome Bus Scenes in Movies

Five Awesome Bus Scenes in Movies

Quite a few people still take the bus and as a result there hilarious times, touching and heartfelt times, and thankfully times that are not quite as violent as those in the movies. But between comedy and action, bus scenes in the movies can be hilarious, then they can be intense. Sometimes they can be both depending on the content of the movie. But in some cases, yeah, it gets pretty brutal, with the result being that people are going to get the hell kicked out of them. But the funny times tend to make us laugh and in some ways give us a bit of relief that a lot of us have likely never ridden on a bus when anything remotely like what’s seen in the movies goes down. Some folks might have seen a fight on a bus once or twice in their lives or experienced a few funny moments here and there, but the movies are where there are few if any rules, and as a result, things tend to happen quite often. At the very least, it’s entertaining and makes a person grateful that this doesn’t happen in real life. 

Here are five bus scenes from movies that are pure awesome. 

5. Planes, Trains & Automobiles

From a plane to a train, to an automobile, to a bus, these two guys can’t catch a break the entire movie, and poor Neal just can’t win. It’s not that bad being stuck with Del until Neal has to remember that, well, he’s stuck with Del. But on the bright side it’s fair to think that Neal hasn’t really experienced this much of life in a long time considering how stiff and uncomfortable he is in just about every situation. In a lot of situations, this kind of behavior would never really fly on a public bus but if no one’s looking and no one wants to then it’s likely that back in the day it might have. It’s even worse since Neal gets caught gawking. 

4. The Dark Knight

Well, this is definitely a good way to avoid splitting the money so many different ways, but it’s still kind of brutal to have each member of the crew kill each other when the next guy in line is done with his job. But despite not having an apparent plan the Joker is still a guy that loves controlled chaos if that’s what we want to call it, especially since it appears to work. But seriously, the guy that gets nailed by the bus was actually being smart for a moment, but the Joker’s stance indicated that he wasn’t all that worried about the gun being pointed in his direction. And lo and behold, the reason why came crashing in only a moment later. 

3. Nobody

I’ve already said it before but I’ll say it one more time, who in their right mind would have ever seen Bob Odenkirk as an action star? The guy does a great job of selling each hit that he takes since it’s kind of obvious that he’s a bit rusty and isn’t in his prime any longer. But the fact that he keeps getting back up and delivering some of the hardest hits these thugs have probably ever taken is impressive since with each impact it’s easy to wince and think that it really would hurt in real life, especially when he wraps one guy’s arm, backward, around a pole. Yeah, somehow he channeled his inner badass and made it work. 

2. The Transporter 

Watching Jason Statham fight is like watching a dance almost since the guy is just so acrobatic with his movements and he has the customary pause after each action, as though he needs a millisecond to think and assess what he’s already done. This is often seen in old kung fu movies and people like it quite a bit since it brings back a bit of nostalgia that’s pretty cool. But the way he manhandles so many guys while on the bus does cross way over into the unrealistic side of things even if it is insanely entertaining. Plus, the grease fight that comes after makes the entire fight scene worth it. 

1. National Lampoon’s Senior Trip

Imagine what it would be like to be a high school student, on your way to Washington DC, and finding out that your bus driver is none other than Tommy Chong, or the Dope King as his title was given in this movie? A lot of people might not remember this movie and some likely didn’t even watch it, but back in the day this was one of the most underrated comedies released and it’s likely that some folks will recognize at least a few stars that graced the scene in this hilarious road trip. Even if some don’t remember, it’s worth looking it up. 

Never underestimate what can happen on a bus. 

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