Five Amazing True Crime Documentaries on Netflix Right Now

Five Amazing True Crime Documentaries on Netflix Right Now

Five Amazing True Crime Documentaries on Netflix Right Now

Netflix is quickly becoming the hot spot for documentaries and the popular crime documentaries are part of the influx that is gaining a lot of attention. The depth of human feeling in each one of them makes it difficult to stay objective when trying to remember that a lot of the people in these films don’t have any remorse whatsoever for what they’ve done. Those that are sorry for their crimes or that were accused and charged with something that might not have been entirely their fault make it very difficult to believe in a justice system where a person can go away for being the wrong for the right reasons. Whatever the reason people are incarcerated there’s always another side of the story that has yet to be told.

What remains to be seen is if that second version is any more convincing than the first.

5. They Call Us Monsters

There is a massive argument over whether underage offenders should be charged as adults or sent for rehabilitation and given another chance. The only problem there is that some will break the law again while others might take the rehabilitation. The biggest issue seems to be the act of teaching these young men the kind of responsibility that is needed to exist in society.

4. Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer

Aileen Wuornos was one of the most vicious killers ever locked up. Yet for all she did and for the lives she damaged forever she wanted to come clean before her execution. Some might be torn about that when it comes to really hating this woman. She didn’t want the stain of the killings on her conscience before being executed but at the moment of their deaths she had no issue. Killer’s remorse is very real when looking at one’s end.

3. Amanda Knox

Glamorizing killers at this point, especially by the media, is becoming a little crazy these days and is allowing them a platform from which to explain their motivations and make themselves sound like a maligned member of society that has done no wrong but is being persecuted anyway. There is little if any real accountability in the world at this point, and what little there is usually doesn’t get recognized.

2. Cocaine Cowboys

When it first hit the scene cocaine was an instant epidemic that didn’t wait for anyone to bother catching those that were transporting it to really explode. Worse yet was the violence that came as a result of the drug trade when things went wrong. The cocaine cowboys were in the middle of it all, running the game and silencing those that didn’t want to follow the rules.

1. Into the Abyss

Honestly filming a convict on death row almost seems perverse since it feels like a last hurrah that’s granted to the condemned in order for them to either sob their way into people’s hearts once more or spit defiantly into the face of the society that they turned on, or turned on them. In any case it seems more of a sad joke sometimes than a true look into the final days of a human being.

People seem enjoy these films, and to each their own.

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