Five Actors You Completely Forgot Were on M.A.S.H.

Five Actors You Completely Forgot Were on M.A.S.H.

It’s been more than a little while since M.A.S.H. went off the air, in fact, a lot of us were still kids when it happened, but quite a few people can still remember the popular show in a number of ways. But it would be interesting to see how many people remember every guest star that was seen on the show since M.A.S.H. was the kind of show where different characters could come and go and only be there for an episode before disappearing again. Some actors were there for a couple of episodes or more, but they eventually moved on since the core cast of the show was more than enough to keep it running and keep it interesting. The guest stars added a bit of flavor to the show since those that did make it onto the program were well known to many people at that point and had been making their rounds or were just starting out and needed a screen credit on a reputable show that could help them out. Obviously, M.A.S.H. was one of the best shows to land on back in the day since even if an actor had no lines the mere mention that they’d been a part of the show for even a short period of time was enough to count in their favor. It’s likely however that a lot of people don’t know or don’t remember just how many well-respected guest stars were on the show.

Here are just a few guest stars that made their way onto M.A.S.H. back in the day.

5. Brian Dennehey

This is a guy that was definitely made to wear the mantle of authority in one manner or another since he had the type of bearing that made it hard to see him as a subordinate. He showed up as an MP in season 5, which definitely suited him since Dennehy was always the kind of guy that could project his voice and his character in a manner that made him appear as a jerk or as a guy that people were willing to pay attention to. How the audience viewed his character usually depended on how he was portrayed since he could be good or bad and people would believe in his character without hesitation

4. John Ritter

One thing is clear, and that’s the fact that Ritter was either a dramatic character or a comedic one since he was usually capable of being a very funny guy but he could also play a dramatic role just as well as anyone. Seeing him in any other show besides Three’s Company though was kind of odd after watching the program for so long. One has to remember that these actors had a much bigger career and that starring in a single sitcom might have helped them out quite a bit, stretching out and taking on as many roles was and still is a wise move for any actor that wants to keep their edge in the business.

3. Ron Howard

This was back in the day when Ron was still a relatively young man and didn’t look as though he was too far removed from his role as Opie on Happy Days. Like a few actors he ended up on a cot and didn’t do a whole lot during the episode but it’s the fact that he was there that counted. It’s funny to wonder if anyone had any inkling of what he would be doing and how far he would go in the business when he was younger, but it’s likely that even if he had a good idea of what he wanted that his continued success still came as a pleasant surprise to a lot of people.

2. Pat Morita

Yep, Mr. Miyagi was in M.A.S.H. at one point, not as the character he would play in The Karate Kid, but as an officer in a couple of different episodes. It’s easy to think that the Mr. Miyagi character took over a lot of Pat’s career at one point since it became the way a lot of people knew him and it was one of the preferred characters that he was known for. But he did guest star in a few TV shows, and he was on Happy Days at one point as well.

1. Leslie Nielsen

It’s very easy to picture Nielsen being cocky and a little full of himself on a show like M.A.S.H. simply because managed to act this way in his movies and other appearances over the years. But credit has to be given where it’s due since he was one of the funniest men alive in his time and like many on this list, it was a sad day when he passed away. But the great thing is that he left behind many great performances that people can watch whenever they like.

M.A.S.H. was a classic show, without a doubt.

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