This $4 Disney+ Deal Seems Way Too Good to Pass Up

It’s time to figure out what kind of Disney fan you are, a hardcore member that wants to pay the dues AND the price of Disney+ streaming, or someone that just wants to pay the monthly rate and call it good. To be fair Ryan Scott from MovieWeb makes it sound really enticing and it’s not a scam to be honest since Disney is knocking off a percentage of the overall price of the subscription if members are D23 members or are wanting to become D23 members prior to Sept. 2nd. But when you think that the price of the subscription to Disney+ is only $6.99 per month, a price that can and likely will change over the years, it’s hard to see a 3-year deal into which a person has to be locked in as a great idea. It runs back to that old adage, if something appears to be too good, it probably is, since at this point Disney+ has already put streaming giants like Netflix on notice, especially considering that they’ll be taking a huge chunk of material from Netflix when they get going, it’s also likely that they’re going to be looking for as many subscribers as they can possibly get.

Miles Surrey from The Ringer has listed a few pros and cons concerning this service and to be honest they make a great deal of sense considering that Disney, for all that it owns and all it can do, is sometimes a bit ignorant, or arrogant, or both, of just what it should be doing and what should be left by the wayside, or given more attention. A big pro obviously is the price since it beats out a lot of other streaming networks right away given that a lot of them have risen to double digits already and aren’t about to come down. Disney+ is already entering the arena ready to pack a heavy wallop, especially since the corporation owns a hefty part of Hulu, who won’t be any help in trying to keep Disney in check since it will be taking its marching orders from the corporation as of now. A con however is the presentation, a facet of the streaming network that a lot of people might not care about since it seems kind of trivial in the bigger picture. But we all know that appearances are important more often than not, so it’s safe to think that Disney might want to come up with a few better names and designs for some of its shows, such as Wanda/Vision, or WandaVision, or whatever they’re taking to calling it. Wouldn’t it be better to say something along the lines of Wanda and Vision or something similar? In a way it almost feels as though Disney is losing sight of the originality that made it so great at one point.

Another pro of course is the bundle that people can take advantage of since Disney+ will be bundling up with ESPN and Hulu, which will be offered as a package deal upon subscription. Adults and kids can get on board with this no doubt since it offers just about everything anyone could want, no matter that a small con is that Hulu still features ads as this is how the network continues to run. All in all Disney+ isn’t going to be as perfect as some people seem to think, and despite being slightly cynical, largely because Disney seems to be stirring the entertainment world up in a big way by trying to buy up everything it can get, the streaming network does seem like a decent deal so long as there aren’t any major glitches that could come along.

Right now opinions about Disney are starting to vary as the corporation continues to buy up one property after another, and while the streaming network was just the next logical step, one has to wonder where Disney is going to draw the line, or if they’re going to at all. The Mouse House has grown exponentially throughout the years and brought the cuteness and family friendly feeling to so many facets of life that it’s a wonder we’re not all singing zippity-doo-dah out of habit any longer. True, that’s a bit over the top, but in the world of entertainment so much is owned by Disney at this point that it’s a wonder that they haven’t been shutting down smaller studios left and right in order to further cement their position and eliminate any competition. Granted, there’s always going to be someone that will go their own way and be willing to compete with the Mouse House, and as it’s already been seen there are plenty that will win out, but at this moment it’s hard to think that the streaming wars are going to have any other resolution in the coming future than a Disney win.

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