Five Actors Who Should Play Ed Sheeran in a Movie

You either like Ed Sheeran or you just don’t think about him much to be honest since hating on him is still something that people do but it’s not exactly a worthwhile pursuit since the guy’s not really that controversial apart from a few plagiarism cases that have earned him the enmity of several people. So yes, he has been seen as somewhat troublesome, but let’s not get into describing what kind of controversies the media really cares about. That being said, if a movie was ever made of this guy, and you know it probably will be one day, there are a lot of people that could probably fit the bill in a pinch, but like any movie the casting is a big part of what makes it great and this one would have to be no different since it would need to be close to spot on. That being the case there are still a good number of guys that would do, but then you might have to pare it down to who can sing and who can really look the part.

Here are five actors that could possibly fill the role.

5. Robert Pattinson

Pattinson’s name isn’t being thrown around as much as he’s simply being considered as a prime candidate to rise in fame and popularity since his assignment to the Batman movie already has people talking and is keeping him at the head of many conversations. Whether he’ll be able to do this or if he’ll fall victim to the same reception that has sent three other actors packing is hard to say, but the fact is that he’s a proven actor and can take on a role when he needs to. The best part about this is that he might actually restore a bit of good faith to Sheeran’s career since those plagiarism lawsuits are still a sore spot that a lot of people don’t want to acknowledge.

4. K.J. Apa

Already being a redhead is a big up for any actor since it would mean that they wouldn’t have to go through the tedious process of dying their hair or wearing a wig all the time for this part. K.J. has already established himself as a decent actor and something like this might be able to take his acting career in an upward direction while not straying too terribly far from anything he’s done at the moment. The guy has made a living play the role of Archie in Riverdale at the moment, it shouldn’t be much of a stretch to take on the role of an English guitar player that a lot of people think one way or the other about.

3. Zac Efron

Okay give a me break on this pick since it was for fun more than anything. But it could work. Efron is still a pretty hot commodity in show business and he’s not super-ripped all the time so it wouldn’t be as though the movie was giving Sheeran an upgrade that wasn’t supported by the reality. If nothing else it would be kind of fun to see Efron as the calm and more sensitive type once again since it’s a stretch that his career can use from time to time to keep him from being the muscled-out pretty boy all the time. Every now and then even the beautiful people feel the need to get a bit frumpy.

2. Emile Hirsch

Anything that gets him noticed seems to be a chance at refreshing Emile’s career since when he was a bit younger he was on fire when he was coming up through the ranks. But in the recent past he’s been the kind of guy that you might see every now and then, but otherwise he sticks in the background or isn’t there at all. He’s a pretty good actor and it’d be great to see him back in a lead role where he can really show people what else he can do. He’s done enough in his career at this point that something like this shouldn’t be too hard, though of course he would have to get a dye job.

1. Sterling Knight

Several years ago I might never have picked this guy for a role like this but since he’s grown up and filled out a bit he does seem as though he might be capable of taking on other roles that might make him work a bit for the reaction that most actors want. Sheeran isn’t a hard character to emulate so it would seem that a lot of men in Hollywood could do this, but it would take a certain body type and face shape to really make it work, and those on this list are those that would fit the idea of Sheeran the best.

It couldn’t hurt his reputation any.

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