Five Actors Who Should Play Cory Booker in a Movie

Five Actors Who Should Play Cory Booker in a Movie

When it comes to the next election and the current impeachment one can only assume that someone is going to have the nerve to make a movie about it when all is said and done and we finally reach the end, no matter what the result will be. One thing is obvious, many real-life personalities will be making an appearance in one way or another and Corey Booker, who a lot of people feel one way or another about, will be there as well. Whether he’s cast in a positive or negative light kind of depends on who’s making the movie and whether or not he’s going to be a major player. In a big way it might be better to create a TV movie at this point since there are so many individuals involved in the various political discussion that have been going on, but it’s a little too obvious that someone who has enough nerve to create a movie such as this is going to be going for the gusto.

Here are a few actors that could possibly play Corey Booker.

5. Rick Fox

Despite being in his 50s at this time, Rick Fox could still pull this off since he’s got the looks and he does have the acting ability as it’s been shown in the past. The charisma that the former NBA player has is also a big part of this since Booker is known for being outspoken and for being a strong personality on the political scene. Whether or not Rick would actually accept such a role is hard to say since quite honestly anyone that takes on a part such as this is going to be subjected to social media backlash from one side or another no matter what happens. But Rick can probably take it as well as anyone.

4. LL Cool J

You might be looking at this entry kind of funny since you might not think that LL Cool J is the kind of guy that could really step into this arena, or should. The TV host/rapper/actor has worn a few hats in his day but it almost seems as though he’d be a little too ill-suited for this role largely because when he acts he brings a level of comedy to his roles as well with the drama and action that he’s capable of producing. In a way it almost seems as though he might be a little too upbeat to play a person like Booker, even if Corey is said by some to be a pleasant individual. It might work, but then again it might flop too.

3. Shemar Moore

Women would likely go nuts if they got to see Shemar Moore on the big screen, they might even go nuts if they got to see him on the small screen for a TV movie since quite honestly he’s been seen as a big-time draw for female viewers since he’s considered to be absolutely stunning. With that being said he’s also a decent actor that can fill a role when he needs to. His time on Criminal Minds is a big part of what really made him famous since he was one of the few guys on the show that really drew in female viewers since he had a calm and composed way about him that was kind of alluring in a big way.

2. Christopher B. Duncan

It can’t really be said that Christopher is an unknown since he’s been around for a while and he’s completed several projects that have kept his career afloat. But he’s definitely not seen to be in the same league as some of those on this list since his credits don’t really extend to big blockbuster hits all that often. Still, he has the look and he has the talent that would help him round out this part and it could be something that might be great since using too many big-name stars could kind of cloud a movie a bit given the fact that people tend to have a lot of emotional investment in big-name actors.

1. Michael Ealy

This was honestly the first name that came to mind when thinking about who could play the part of Booker, and it does seem as though he’d be able to step up and take the role without too much trouble since while his career hasn’t been on a severe upswing it’s still viable enough to talk about and to be impressed with. Michael has been around long enough to know how to pick up on the mannerisms of pretty much any character, and it’s easy to think that he might be able to step into Booker’s shoes and make something unique happen. All in all he’d be the number one pick.

If it happens, and it’s still an ‘if’, you simply know this movie would be getting reamed from both sides.

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