Did you Know Eric Roberts Appeared in 74 Films in 2017?

He’s been the butt of a lot of jokes when it comes to film but one thing you can’t take away is that Eric Roberts managed to star in an astounding 74 movies in 2017 alone. Now you can say that of course he’s been in that many movies because he’ll take anything that’s handed to him. That would be right in fact since it seems like he’s never turned down a role. That however could also be a point in his favor since he wants to work and he’s proven that he’l do just about anything to keep on doing what he loves. If that makes him the butt of the joke then he’s just fine with it and will continue to do what he loves since this is his time and his spotlight and he won’t bother trying to make other people happy when what he does makes him happy enough.

I’ll admit I’ve looked askance at this guy more than once since some of his roles and his movies seem a bit ‘meh’, but that’s my own opinion and the fact that he doesn’t seem to mind that kind of attitude towards him only makes me respect him more. He’s had some good roles in the past and since I haven’t seen much of him in the present or recent past I’ll go ahead and say that it’s likely that he’s had some hits and misses. That’s a part of what the business is about though. Even without ever being an actor an astute observer could see this and agree that actors are sometimes a bit diva-ish in the kind of roles they take and what principles they stand on when it comes to work. In the real world folks that want to work and love what they do will take on pretty much anything so long as it’s not bound to be something that goes against who they are as a person.

There’s a chance though that Eric Roberts might do that as well since principles don’t pay the rent. It could also be that he doesn’t care if a movie role assaults his sense of principle since it’s a movie role, not a change to his lifestyle. A lot of actors seem to forget that while their craft is in fact one that a lot of people admire it’s still a giant game of make-believe and their job is to do it better than anyone else. The fact that Roberts has done so many movies means that he still has the love for make believe that other actors, notably a lot of A-listers, seem to have forgotten about. They’re essentially dressing up and pretending to be someone else to deliver an entertaining performance to the masses. If not for the masses they might not have a job that grants them such huge paychecks, and they’d have to do it for the love of it at that point. One of the many things you can say about Eric Roberts at least is that he has a deep love for what he does, regardless of the paycheck.

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