Five Television Shows You Forgot Shemar Moore Was In

Shemar Moore had one of the most recognizable African American faces in the 90s and up to the early 2000s. He’s maintained a steady career on television since then, but we can’t forget all the roles he had back then. This former fashion model was en route to becoming a professional baseball player, but somehow, he ended up giving acting a try. The rest was history after that point. Shemar may only have 34 acting credits, but a few of those were long-running shows. Here are the television shows we all forgot that Shemar Moore had regular roles in, spanning at timeframe of 20 years from 1998 to 2018.

Mama Flora’s Family (1998)

Based on the historical fiction novel of the same name, the television mini-series was one of Shemar Moore’s recurrent roles. He played Lincoln Flemming in two episodes back in 1998, and at the time he was still a relative unknown in the industry. Flemming was a wealthy young African man that Flora became involved with when she was much younger. Flora came to work for Flemming’s family, but was mistreated in some ways. Flora ends up carrying and having Flemming’s son eventually, and she named the baby boy Luke. She was forced to give her baby boy to the Flemmings to care for, and she left her son with her son’s father Lincoln, never to see them again for a long time.

Birds of Prey (2002-2003)

Many people probably don’t even remember this short-lived series, but Birds of Prey came out way before the collective obsession for superheroes began to hit the mainstream. This was a futuristic take on a world sans Batman, where the Birds of Prey–Black Canary, Oracle, and the Huntress–were the protectors of the citizens. Shemar Moore played the role of Jesse Reese, the police detective who first encounters the Huntress in his investigations. The two were drawn to each other, and we later found out that Jesse Reese had more to his family name than he himself knew. It was a good role for Shemar, but unfortunately, the series itself didn’t get the traction it was going for.

The Young and the Restless (1994-2014)

One of the longest running shows on television currently, The Young and the Restless was a great platform for Shemar Moore to rise up from. His portrayal of Malcolm Winters was received with positive acclaim, and being on the show for over 10 years was a testament to this. Shemar played the role of the photographer from 1994 to 2005 and then reprised the role again in 2014. He took a break in 2005 from playing the role to pursue other ventures, but the only prominent role he took during that time was Orlando from Diary of a Mad Black Woman.

Living Single

Shemar’s first acting credit is from this 1993 show about a group of friends living in Brooklyn. The show focused on the professional and personal lives of four women and six men living the single life in New York. One of the characters, Synclaire, had a study date with Shemar in an episode called The Last Temptation. Even then, we could already pick up Shemar’s propensity for acting even with this simple role. He had the same charm and the same smile that he’s been known for throughout his career. This was just the beginning for Shemar. Little did he know how big he would really make it in the industry.

Chicago Hope

In season 4 of Chicago Hope, Shemar Moore guest starred in what would be his first few forays into the drama scene. Shemar played the role of Bobby Barrett in a 1998 episode called Waging Bull. In the clip, we see Shemar share the screen with a TV great–Mark Harmon–and a few others. We get a sense then of his dramatic chops, especially since during that time Shemar did a lot of comedic roles. That same year, he’d star in Mama Flora’s Family and just a four years later, we’d see him in his first regular role.

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