20 Celebrities With Ridiculous On Set Demands

20 Celebrities With Ridiculous On Set Demands

20 Celebrities With Ridiculous On Set Demands

There are many actors and musicians who work extremely hard and give their job one hundred percent at all times. They turn up on time for work, put in the hours and get on with their co-stars or colleagues and others who are working on the set. Even the most successful actors and musicians are often a pleasure to work with and are completely dedicated to their craft. However, there are others who earn themselves a reputation as divas as the status their success gives them leads them to believe they can make demands on set. While for many, this is simple things like having space for privacy to rehearse or having fresh drinking water close at hand, there are many examples of celebrities who make wild and excessive demands during their performances or the filming of a television series or film. Here are 20 celebrities who have made ridiculous on set demands.

20. Katy Perry

Katy Perry is often seen as a pretty cool woman and gives the impression that she is fairly laid back. If her 45-page list of requests that must be met before she will arrive on set is anything to go by, this couldn’t be any further from the truth. The pop princess has a ridiculous list of demands that must cause those responsible for meeting her requirements a lot of stress while they are making the preparations. She wants two cream-colored egg chairs, one of which must have a matching ottoman. She also requires a member of staff to be hired who is dedicated to preparing her fruit and vegetables. Other requests include ornate French lamps and a refrigerator with a glass door. The worst thing is that none of the staff are permitted to speak to her.

19. Mary J. Blige

One of the strangest requests is that of Mary J. Blige. No matter where she is performing, she expects a brand new toilet seat to be fitted prior to her arrival. This is her biggest demand and she has requested this at every city she has performed at in the world. However, as this is one of her only requests, those working on the sets are usually only too happy to oblige this demand and she generally isn’t seen as a demanding diva. In one tour, she visited 36 different cities. That is a lot of new toilet seats just for one celebrity bottom.

18. Madonna

Although she has predominantly worked in the music industry, Madonna has also worked as an actress and a producer. Regardless of whether she is performing as a singer or appearing as an actress, this veteran performer has established herself as one of the biggest divas in the world thanks to her huge list of demands. Wherever she goes, she takes an entourage of 200 people with her and demands that she has phone lines in her room that will allow her to make international calls. All the food served to her must be vegan and she requests an arrangement of white roses in her room that is all cut to exactly six inches.

17. Beyoncé

As she is one of the most beautiful and talented performers in the world, it is hardly surprising that Beyoncé has come to expect everyone to run around after her and meet her ridiculous demands. Her main demand is that she needs a lot of space. She generally requests a dressing room that is usually reserved for an entire sports team. She needs this space to accommodate both herself and her entourage of people that she takes with her everywhere she goes. Another strange request is that she requires baked chicken. The legs, wings, and breasts of the chicken must be highly seasoned. She has also been very specific that all water must be chilled to 21 degrees and bathrooms should have red toilet paper.

16. Lindsay Lohan

At the height of her career, Lindsay Lohan seemed to almost strive to make the most ridiculous requests possible. Not only would she take an entourage of personal assistants with her wherever she went, each with their own role; she would also request the availability of a private jet. As her fame grew, so did her list of demands. She once requested to have a one-year Russian visa and demanded a private meeting with Vladimir Putin, the Russian president. A further request has been that the production team of a film in which she was appearing hired her the penthouse suite at the Ritz-Carlton.

15. Adele

Adele has become one of the most successful singer-songwriters of all-time. Maybe this is what has led the star to think it is acceptable to make so many requests when she agrees to make a performance. When she arrives on set, she expects that staff will have fulfilled her request list and to have everything just as she wanted it to meet her standards. While some of her demands are healthy, others are exactly the opposite. On the list of her unhealthy requests, she requires a pack of Marlboro Light, a bottle of good quality red wine, a disposable lighter, and an assortment of chewing gum. On the list of healthy items are bottles of spring water, freshly made sandwiches, and a selection of fruit. Adele also requires things to make cups of tea, such as an electric kettle, six metal teaspoons, and six brand new large mugs that are washed and dried before use. There is a list of things that she has banned, including organic honey, citrus fruits, and sandwiches containing vinegar, chili, or tomatoes.

14. Cher

Cher began her career in the music industry as a singer and then moved into television when she had a show with her ex-husband. Since then, she has combined her music career with a career in the film industry. While some people have said she is a pleasure to work with, she does have some rather strange on set demands. One of these is that she has a separate room for her wigs. These are an important aspect of her costumes for which she is well-known, so perhaps they deserve their own space. Her other two strange requests are that she must have aloe vera tissues available and she will only use black cups.

13. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is known as one of the quirkiest stars in the music industry right now and this is reflected in her excessive list of requests when she is making an appearance. Her on set demands include a smoothie station being built in her dressing room, a cushioned office-style chair, a DVD player, a TV with cable, a rolling clothes rack, a cool mist humidifier, a wine opener, three fans, a pack of straws, and scented candles. In terms of her food preferences, she requests a mix of assorted fruits, two bottles of white wine, two bottles of green tea, hot dogs, a plate of cheese, energy drinks and a container of guacamole.

12. Jonathan Cheban

Jonathan Cheban is one of the new types of celebrity that is only really famous from their participation in reality television shows. He is also well-known as the best friend of Kim Kardashian. Despite his rather dubious claim to fame, he has earned himself the reputation of one of the biggest divas going. When he appeared in ‘Celebrity Big Brother’, his demands were described as being ‘off the scale’. First, he wanted flying in a private jet and then driving to the set in a Rolls Royce. Next, he demanded that he was allowed to order gourmet food to his dressing room whenever he wanted. All of these demands were made before they had even reached the launch show.

11. Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez has established herself in both the music and film industries. While she has many fans, she earned herself a bad reputation when she agreed to get involved in the music video for a charity song. She was involved in the remake of ‘What’s Going On’ and other people were willing to give their time for free as the song was for charity. Lopez, on the other hand, sent a ridiculous list of requests. She ideally wanted a 45-foot trailer but was willing to accept a 40-foot one, seeing as it was for charity- goo of her. She also wanted a white room with white drapes, white flowers and white tables. Considering it was for charity, she agreed to compromise on the white tables if they were willing to cover them with white tablecloths. Her final request was to have fruit punch in the trailer.

10. Will Ferrell

While the wish list of actor and comedian Will Ferrell is certainly not the longest, it is probably the most bizarre of all the celebrities. His list of requests includes a three-wheel electric mobility scooter, a flight of stairs on wheels, a fake tree on wheels, one headset microphone, and a rainbow painted on canvas on wheels. His list of desirable foods includes raw roasted almonds, peanut butter protein bars, cans of soda, bottled water, and Guinness beer. Will Ferrell first rose to prominence during the 1990s. He is now best-known for his performances in films including ‘Elf’, ‘Old School’, ‘Blades of Glory’, ‘The Lego Movie’, ‘Stepbrothers’, and ‘The Other Guys’.

9. Jay-Z

Jay-Z and his wife Beyoncé have become one of the most powerful celebrity couples in the showbiz world and this is reflected by his list of ridiculous demands for his dressing room wherever he is performing. He demands that he has seven dressing rooms just for him that are all set to a temperature of 72 degrees. The main dressing room must contain a large couch, two matching end tables, and a love seat. He also needs the right selection of food and drinks items in his room. These include coca-cola, Red Bull, vitamin water, peanut butter, jam, and hot tea service for four.

8. Will Smith

Will Smith may seem like kind of a cool guy, but that doesn’t mean that the successful actor does not make huge demands before he will agree to step on set. In fact, he was determined to have everything just right, that he had his own double decker trailer built at a cost of $2.5 million. It even has a kitchen worth $200,00 fitted inside and its own wardrobe room. His main demand, therefore, when he is working on set is to have enough space to park his humongous trailer.

7. Rihanna

While the demands of many celebrities simply require someone working on set to pop out to the store to buy the requested assortment of drinks and snacks, Rihanna’s list of demands practically requires an interior designer to come and work on the set. For this famous singer, it is all about the atmosphere in the dressing and less about stuffing her face between performances. She requires a room that has at least five AC power outlets and that offers enough lighting to create a relaxed atmosphere. She asks that the room is piped and draped in dark blue drapes with icy blue chiffon draped attractively over the top. She also wants white drapes to cover lockers and bricks. The list of room demands does not stop there as she needs a large, plush, animal print rug and six candles of a specific variety. Rihanna also likes to have four small, clear vases filled with white flowers and no foliage. Her first choice is tulips, followed by lilies, and then white freesias.

6. Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton is hardly the greatest acting talent in the world and generally appears in reality television shows or in cameos. However, the spoiled celebrity considers herself to have enough status and power to submit a three-page list of demands whenever she appears for a cameo. One of the strangest thing on this list is to have live lobsters on standby in case she is hungry. This is not the only request made by the socialite and reality television star. Her list also includes Grey Goose vodka. This seems a particularly strange request as she is usually only on set for one day. Most people would not require a full bottle of vodka for just one day’s work.

5. Kanye West

Kanye West has enjoyed a successful career in the music and his celebrity status was further secured when he married Kim Kardashian. He is famous for his big ego and praising himself in press interviews. He has also earned a reputation for being demanding when he does performances or television interviews and has a rather long list of expectations of things he wants in his dressing room. Among the list are Carmex lip balm, a barber’s chair, tooth picks, and shower shoes. West also enjoys a drink or two in his dressing room and likes to have a selection of specific brands to choose between in his room These include Heineken beer, Patron Silver tequila, Hennessey liquor, and Absolut vodka. In terms of the snacks he likes to enjoy when he is off stage, the list consists of yogurt, nuts, chewing gum, and hot sauce. Kanye also has a strange requirement for all his drivers to wear 100% cotton.

4. George Clooney

George Clooney first rose to prominence in the hit medical drama series ‘ER’. He then successfully established himself in the film industry and became one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood. As he was an A-list celebrity, his inclusion in any film would attract large numbers of viewers. In turn, it also meant that the star could make huge demands before he would agree to step on set. In one film, he had a brief role in which he was only shown for approximately half an hour. The size of his role did not prevent him from making astronomical demands. He requested that the set was designed specifically to meet his needs and this cost the production team an estimated $125,000. Among his requests were a basketball where he could get some exercise between shoots, a custom made beach so he could relax, a Jacuzzi for further relaxation, and a private garden and decking area. It was only because he is such a big star that he got away with such a ridiculous list of demands.

3. Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is one of the best-paid and most successful actors of all-time. His string of hit movies include ‘Top Gun’, ‘Cocktail’, the Mission: Impossible’ series of films, ‘Knight and Day’, and ‘Days of Thunder’. His success has obviously led him to believe that he can make big demands when he is on set to reflect his star status. In fact, he has one of the most ridiculous demands of all the celebrities on this list. He insists that he has in his dressing room 50 custom made thongs. This is a strange request by anyone’s standards. It poses the question of whether he only wears an undergarment once before he discards it as 50 thongs seems a little excessive, to say the least. However, his diva-like behavior also continues off the set. It was once rumored that he was sailing his private yacht when he became hungry. Rather than just making himself a snack like anyone would, he moored up his yacht and went in search of a boutique hotel. Once there, he demanded that the owner empty his ten-room hotel so that he could eat in peace. Unsurprisingly, the hotel owner refused. Instead, Cruise was forced to slum it with a seafood platter served on his yacht.

2. Sir Paul McCartney

Sir Paul McCartney has one of the longest and most successful careers in the music industry. He is famous both as a member of the ‘Beatles’ and as a solo artist. While it is an honor for any television show to bag him for a performance or interview, preparing for his arrival on set must be something of a nightmare for those responsible for the preparations. McCartney was famously married to Linda McCartney who is probably one of the most famous vegans in the world. She even launched her own range of vegetarian foods and these are still sold even after her death. It is little wonder, therefore, that on the list is demands from Sir Paul McCartney is a ban on any type of furniture or product in his dressing room that is made of leather or animal print. He has even banned fake versions of these. His demands do not stop at animal free materials as he also requests that all lamps are halogen floor lamps with dimmer switches, 20 dozen clean towels outside the production office and a dry cleaner. McCartney is also specific about the flowers in the dressing room as he expects six leafy floor plants that are just as full at the top as the bottom but not trees, an arrangement of Casablanca lilies,

1. Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey is one of the most successful female artists of all-time. She is known for her powerful voice and has also dabbled in acting. However, she has also earned herself as one of the biggest divas and is notorious for her excessive demands. She wants a separate living room and dressing room with an entrance door that opens up into the living area and not the dressing space. She also requires that the room is set at a specific temperature of 75 degrees. She needs white drapes adding to the room and a plain three-seater settee with no busy patterns. The room should also contain two vases of white roses, six red and six white wine glasses, and four Joe Malone vanilla candles. The rest of her request list consists of food and drink items. This includes three bottle of chilled Chardonnay, regular and diet cokes, Fiji water, warm fried chicken, three whole lemons, honey, sugarless gum, and protein drinks. Her reputation as a diva is well earned.

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