Five Actors Who Should Play Cam Newton in a Movie

Cam Nerwton

If you’re a Carolina Panthers fan you might think that Cam Newton is the best thing to hit the team in a long time, but if you’re a fan of any other NFL team you might be able to respect Newton for his ability but constantly wonder just which Cam is going to show up in each game, the professional quarterback or the whiner that seems to think it’s okay to pout on the sidelines. Oh yes, we’re referring to Superbowl 50 when the Broncos handed the Panthers a very telling loss, putting the final note on their stellar season several years ago. Cam has a lot of talent and a great deal of athletic ability, he’s even a nice guy as some have said throughout the course of his career. But as far as being the most emotionally balanced individual in the game that’s where a lot of people would have to stop you since he’s shown that he’s not always capable of being gracious when he wins or loses.

Had to add this as well, but below are five individuals that could play Cam Newton in a movie.

5. Marlon Wayans

It seems like it’s been a while since Marlon did anything really worthy of note, but he’s been around and doing his thing for a while now and despite the slightly insane nature of some of the movies he made he’s shown in the past that he can get just as serious as he does ridiculous. That would be kind of needed since anyone who played the part of Cam would have to be able display a seriously flamboyant sense of style while at the same time acting like they’re the center of the world at times. Yes, that’s a big assessment of his time on the field, but Marlon could pull it off either way.

4. Chadwick Boseman

Chadwick is going to be mentioned in these largely because of 42 and Draft Day since he plays a very convincing athlete. It’d be watching him have a meltdown that might be hard for the fans, if the director decided to throw any of those moments in the movie. Oh yeah, there’s more than one since not only did Cam throw a fit, as seen above, while on the field, he went on to act like a spoiled little kid that had been denied shortly after the game was over and he had to answer a few questions with the press. The worst thing about Newton, well, one of them at least, is that when things are going great he’s on top of the world, but when they don’t go his way he’s bound to throw a tantrum. That’d be hard to watch Boseman perform.

3. Anthony Mackie

Anthony has played upstanding characters and jerks alike so it wouldn’t be too hard to see him play the part of Cam Newton since he could bring his own style to it and likely make it work better than a lot of people. He might not really look like the quarterback but that could be fixed in a few ways and likely forgiven since even those that happen to like Cam might be willing to forgive the lack if Mackie was to play the part well enough. As you can imagine though, most Carolina fans watching a movie like this would rather see their hero shown in a good light rather than anything else.

2. Michael B. Jordan

Michael is another athletic-looking individual that might do well in this role, but it might be a little difficult since Cam is a pretty big guy and Jordan seems to be slightly shorter. Thankfully he’s not Kevin Hart short, but there are definitely a few inches between him and Newton that would likely be noticed. That being said though Jordan does have the athletic ability to make this role work and he does have the acting range that would make him an obvious pick. The only thing that might keep him out of the top spot are looks and his height, but as you can already tell that might not be a huge barrier.

1. Michael Ealy

Ealy has the closest look of anyone to be honest and he does have the acting ability that would make this part work. He’s starting to get a bit older at this time though so if this movie was to ever happen then it would need to be soon, and Ealy would likely have a lot of conditioning to do since Cam is in great shape and is able to run and throw the ball as need be. In terms of how great he could do, Ealy could probably nail this role without any real trouble.

I get down on Cam just as much as anyone else, but the truth is that he’s a skilled athlete and a great competitor. Now if only his attitude didn’t get in his way at times.

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