Five 80s Action Movies That Could Benefit from a Reboot

I’m not the biggest fan of reboots, but sometimes they do tend to come out okay and are a great improvement on movies that might have been untouchable had filmmakers known back then what they know now. Of course, back in the 80s, the technology wasn’t exactly up to snuff yet, and the techniques and methods were actually pretty good for the time depending on the movie. From the soundtrack to the effects to the acting, a lot of movies back in the 80s were actually pretty well done, but there are a few that might benefit from being looked at again since it could be time to think of whether or not it’s worth picking up the stories and thereby doing something with them that might enhance the memory just a little. A lot of us probably remember some of these movies as being completely awesome when we were kids, then time kept moving on and special effects got better, filmmaking techniques continued to improve, and, well, what we thought was so cool back in the day looked a little childish now. But the stories are still great.

Here are a few action movies from the 80s that could benefit from a reboot.

5. The Running Man

A good number of these movies would benefit from the advances in technology, as this movie is heavily dependent on it and would be made even more immersive if it ever got the nod. Of course, if the book was followed to the letter this movie would be a lot different since this version was far more cinematic than the book. But depending on which version was made it would still be a smart idea to play up the technology as much as possible since The Running Man is a game show that uses as much tech as it needs in order to run the game and keep the people happy, as well as enthralled.

4. Supergirl

There’s talk of this happening so it’s likely that it might come to pass eventually. But it would be a huge improvement over the original thanks to the special effects and likely the acting as well. No offense to those that participated in the original, since they were great actors, but this was not their best outing. Where Superman was a big hit and went on to be a huge name for DC, Supergirl had to kind of slink off back to the comics after this one since the movie really didn’t turn out all that great. Plus, any idea to bring it back to anything other than the small screen has met with more than one issue over the years.

3. Enemy Mine

This could be an interesting story if it were retold in a way that paid respects to the original but perhaps went off on a slightly different path. The overall story isn’t too complicated, but there are elements that might not play out as well today as they did back then. It is a story that goes a long way toward showing how enemies can become friends and how a person can change in a big way over a period of time. The science fiction portion of the story would need a pretty big upgrade, but the ability to make that happen has become a lot easier over the years, and wouldn’t be the big issue. Finding the right cast members and figuring out the main theme of the story would be the big issue.

2. Blind Fury

The benefit of bringing this movie back for a reboot would be little more than a nostalgic look at an old favorite that many people probably still remember. Rutger Hauer was great as a blind swordsman since there was just enough humor injected into this movie to make it worth watching. But as far as the story goes, it could use a bit of an upgrade and possibly turn Nick into someone that’s even deadlier but just as good-natured since the manner in which Nick operated was kind of fun to watch. Some people might have an issue with the story, but the fun thing is that their opinion doesn’t mean that much when it comes to entertainment.

1. Maximum Overdrive

Just imagine if this movie was given a remake, how terrifying it would likely be, and how much people might actually get a kick out of it. Back when it was created the internet wasn’t a thing and the destruction was kept to a minimum compared to what might be able to happen now. Considering how much we depend on technology these days one can honestly assume that a remake of this movie would carry a lot of meaning and would be something that people might experience nightmares after watching. That’s all the more reason to make it if someone was to have the ambition for such a project.

Some movies would definitely benefit from this.

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