September’s Must-See Movies: Horror, Action, and Intrigue

September’s Must-See Movies: Horror, Action, and Intrigue

As August bids farewell to potential blockbusters, September ushers in the studios’ end-of-the-year push, offering a glimpse of potential Oscar contenders. But more importantly, September serves as the prelude to Halloween, providing horror movies with a chance to shine before the onslaught of low-budget thrillers that dominate October.

It: A Stephen King Classic Reimagined

September’s Must-See Movies: Horror, Action, and Intrigue

Stephen King movies have had a rocky history when it comes to quality. The author’s willingness to sell film rights to the highest bidder has led to many subpar adaptations of his iconic horror stories. Even classics like Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining have faced criticism from King fans (and King himself) for deviating from the source material.

This may change with It, which was previously adapted into a lackluster mini-series starring Tim Curry. The story follows a shapeshifting evil entity, often taking the form of a demonic clown, that terrorizes and consumes the children of Derry, Maine. Director and Stephen King fan Andrés Muschietti has wisely chosen to split the novel into two movies, with the first focusing on the children’s initial confrontation with the evil clown and the second set 27 years later when the evil returns to Derry.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle – A Spy Comedy Extravaganza

September’s Must-See Movies: Horror, Action, and Intrigue

The first Kingsman film was a delightful surprise in 2014, offering a fresh, action-packed, and raucous take on the spy genre. It catapulted British actor Taron Egerton to stardom and redefined how an entire generation viewed the traditionally reserved Colin Firth.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle aims to expand on its predecessor rather than outdo it. When the Kingsman’s headquarters is destroyed, they must seek refuge with the Statesmen, their American counterparts in the spy world. The Statesmen embody a collection of rugged cowboy tropes, much like the Kingsman represent everything from James Bond to the Knights of the Round Table. Expect a blend of Indiana Jones and John Wayne in this action-packed spy comedy, which is already shaping up to be a highlight of the Fall season.

Mother! – A Gripping Horror Experience

September’s Must-See Movies: Horror, Action, and Intrigue

While there may not be an abundance of must-see movies this month, those that are available are worth the price of admission. Films like Mother!, which may not be on most movie-goers’ radar, deserve attention during their theatrical run.

Directed by the visionary Darren Aronofsky, known for Pi, Requiem for a Dream, and Black Swan, Mother! promises to be one of the most gripping horror experiences in recent memory. Though it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact plot, the film’s pedigree speaks for itself. In addition to Aronofsky’s direction, the movie features the talents of Jennifer Lawrence, Javier Bardem, Ed Harris, and Michelle Pfeiffer. Its marketing, particularly its chilling poster, evokes classic horror films like Rosemary’s Baby. This is the horror film that people will regret missing in theaters.


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