The Movie “Slaxx” Might Be the Silliest Concept Yet

The Movie “Slaxx” Might Be the Silliest Concept Yet

The Movie “Slaxx” Might Be the Silliest Concept Yet

Killer slacks. Or rather, killer jeans. Let your mind process that one for a minute since to be perfectly honest, yes, it is one of the silliest concepts to come along yet, but there’s a little bit of promise so long as there’s an explanation forthcoming. Jeans that can constrict and crush a person’s lower half, can hang a person, snap them in half, cut off digits, yeah, that’s different, and it’s definitely ridiculous, but from the trailer, it’s evident that someone saw a bit of promise in it since we’re looking at something that people are bound to laugh at while at the same time we’ll be forced to wonder just how this idea managed to get pushed through. Of course, we would have to wonder how other ideas were pushed through as well since when it comes to horror, there are some truly disturbing ideas and some that would make a person shake their head in dumbfounded wonder when it comes to thinking how they were ever approved. In a way, it would suggest that whoever brought this idea to mind might have known the right people or managed to finance the movie on their own.

However it happened, Slaxx already looks like one of the many horror movies that might actually become a cult classic simply due to the fact that it has such a ridiculous premise. Possessed dolls and other items tend to get the attention of the viewers, but something like this would definitely make a lot of people wonder just what was going on when someone came up with this idea. Plus, the jeans, or perhaps the spirit that controls them, or however it works, appear to like a certain type of music as well, which could possibly be exploited within the movie, kind of like the whole shoe fixation in the Leprechaun movies. In other words, one of the most inane quirks possible is how people manage to distract the antagonist.

This isn’t exactly the first time that an article of clothing has been used in this manner in a movie since if anyone remembers the Disney movie Meet the Robinson’s, the hat that was attempting to take over the world was even more diabolical since it not only cloned itself in an alternate future, but it enslaved humanity as well. The idea of killer jeans is easy to laugh at, but one has to think that there is a little something there that can be labeled as impressive since when one really thinks about it, jeans are kind of important given that a lot of people wear them and designer jeans are a staple of some folks’ wardrobe. This points out a huge vulnerability that could be exploited since jeans that can tighten on their own and use their zipper and flexibility as a deadly weapon would be kind of terrifying. It’s just hard to get around the silliness of it all as a lot of people might agree. The whole concept of being afraid of a pair of jeans is, well, it’s hard to sell as anything but a schlock horror movie.

These types of horror movies can be and have been popular in the past though since they do fill a niche for those that like this type of horror and find it appealing in a way that others might find blockbusters to be appealing. In other words, to each their own since there’s an interest out there for everyone and schlocky horror does have a fanbase that’s been around for a while since B-movies have appealed to a lot of folks for decades now and it’s an ongoing phenomenon that’s not likely to stop given that B movies aren’t all that challenging and tend to go for a simple scare that people tend to enjoy. That could be one reason that killer jeans is something that might appeal to people since it’s simple, it’s silly, and it’s something that can serve as a way to scare folks and make them laugh at the same time, which is actually a fun sensation since it allows a person to laugh even while they’re cringing from the use of gore.

There’s no denying that this is one of the craziest premises to come along in a very long time, but it’s bound to be one of those that people will actively enjoy just because it does sound silly as all hell. If nothing else it’s bound to get popular in an ironic manner that many people might find amusing since it could be one of those movies that’s not meant to be much of anything other than a ridiculous idea that was given the green light and allowed to do whatever was needed to make it work. Yes, there are plenty of movies that have done this over the years.

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