Fennec Shand vs. Koska Reeves: Who Wins?

Fennec Shand vs. Koska Reeves: Who Wins?

We did see what happened, kind of, when Koska Reeves and Boba Fett threw hands in The Mandalorian, and it’s up for debate who would have won since they were tossing each other about to gain dominance. Some might think that Koska might have won since she’s younger, a true Mandalorian, and might have moves that Boba hasn’t seen yet. Others would have said that Boba’s experience might have carried the day and that Koska bit off more than she could chew by challenging one of the most feared bounty hunters in the galaxy. At this point, we won’t know, but thinking about what it might be like if Koska and Fennec were to go hand to hand. There are several reasons why Fennec might be able to take Koska out from a distance since her aim is impeccable and she would be a serious threat, but up close and personal it becomes more of a fight and would depend on the terrain that the fighters find themselves in. No matter where the fight took place, it would be a brawl to be certain. 

The age difference between the two doesn’t feel like it would be a huge issue since Fennec has already shown that she’s not a pushover when it comes to taking one or more combatants. In The Book of Boba Fett, she’s made it clear that she’s tougher than she looks, and she looks rather intimidating. Plus, in The Mandalorian, it was also established that she was a notorious bounty hunter, even if she was initially taken down and presumed dead. Her skills are insane when it comes to a fight since she’s been seen as fast enough to dodge blaster bolts. You could say that this wasn’t that impressive since it was a stormtrooper shooting at her when that part of reputation was born, but it’s still worth talking about. 

Koska’s biggest claim to fame at the moment is that she fought Boba Fett and she’s skilled enough to remain at Bo-Katan’s side. Both women are proven in battle and yet while we’ve seen what Shand can do, and are aware that Koska can fight with a group, it’d be interesting to see if Fennec might be able to put Reeves down or if the warrior would push Fennec past her limit. If the two were allowed to keep their weaponry and gear it’s easy to think that the fight would be even more unpredictable since while Koska’s jet pack would give her a big advantage, Fennec is such a great shot that Reeves would still be in danger. On the other end though, it feels fair to say that Koska would be able to challenge Fennec when it comes to hand to hand. This might be a closer fight than the brawl that Koska found herself in against Fett since it does feel that Fennec is a much more technical fighter than Fett. But Reeves does feel like the type of fighter that is also quite technical but still relies heavily on acrobatic movements that were likely employed to make certain that Sasha Banks, a wrestler, felt comfortable in the role. 

But in an actual fight, it does feel that she would head right back to those flashy moves, and it does feel as though Fennec would smirk at such a display before taking Koska down a few notches. This is where age and experience would come in since one has to remember that Fennec was shown in animated form in The Bad Batch a little while ago, meaning that she was operating as a bounty hunter during and after the Clone Wars. This means that by the time The Book of Boba Fett rolls around that she’s been a bounty hunter for a while, and has seen enough and done enough to be a truly dangerous individual. Koska essentially showed up in The Mandalorian in live-action form, so it’s fair to say that she’s tested and proven, but she’s not as experienced as Shand and could find herself tempted to attack over and over and not defend as much, while Fennec might simply defend and wait for the moment that Reeves would leave herself open. 

That’s an opinion of course since there’s a good bet that Reeves would be able to show a spark of brilliance that would allow her to give Fennec a good fight. But the cool detachment that Fennec tends to exhibit most of the time and the calculating manner that people have seen is one of the reasons why it feels that Fennec would put Reeves down. It wouldn’t be a quick fight by any means but it does feel that Fennec would find a way to bring Reeves down and keep her there as Koska is a bit hot-tempered and might succumb to mistakes quicker than Fennec. But it would be a good fight, no doubt. 

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