James Corden Tries to Make Sense of the Oscars on the Late Late Show

James Corden Tries to Make Sense of the Oscars on the Late Late Show

Not that I have to go over this again but there were a ton of screw ups at the Oscars on Sunday.  Obviously none were bigger than the best picture screw up but as James Corden will tell you, that is hardly the only thing that went wrong.  It turns out that there were people sleeping in the audience, and not just ordinary people.  It turns out that some people’s reaction to the best picture flub were not nearly as you might expect.

After James Corden tries to wrap his head around what went wrong during Best Picture, he calls out a few of the night’s guests, including Chrissy Teigen’s nap and Nicole Kidman’s clapping.  He was quick to make his monologue political mentioning how Hillary Clinton must have felt when the winner was announced.

By the way I just noticed that Jame Corden isn’t the best monologue guy.  He’s way better at performing and doing skits.  I had to point that out.  Don’t get me wrong.  He’s charming and has a great stage presence but I’m just not sure he’ll ever make his way into Late Night.

In any event, check out his monologue below:


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