A Darth Maul Disney Plus Series is Rumored To Be In Development

Taking a look at the villains of any given franchise appears to be something that is appealing these days since Loki just dropped on Disney+ and was actually rather enticing in the first episode. But now it would appear that Disney has another villain project that they’re bringing up in the form of Darth Maul, a character that some feel has outlived his usefulness, while others believe still has plenty of backstory to explore. He’s been featured in the comics, books, animated series, and live-action movies, and somehow the Dathomir native still hasn’t left the public eye yet since let’s be honest, he was one of the best reveals in The Phantom Menace. Despite being cut in half by the end of the movie his legend lived on, and he did as well since with his upper half still intact, somehow, he was able to procure a mode of transportation using metal legs that were at first fashioned much like a spider’s legs, which was creepy and altogether disturbing when he was seen in The Clone Wars animated series.

But after he was brought back to the realm of sanity and took on Savage Oppress, his brother, as an apprentice, he started making headway into renewing his legacy in the Star Wars universe. Many people likened him to a ‘dark side ninja’ when he first came around since he dressed all in black and, well, that was kind of it. He didn’t really strike from the shadows and he wasn’t as stealthy as the fabled ninja were said to be, as he was all about whipping out his lightsaber and cutting down whatever was in front of him. Maul has never really had much time for playing around, at least, not unless it gave him an advantage over his opponents.

It might be fun to see a little more of his backstory, meaning when Darth Sidious was training him, and possibly a few of the missions he might have gone on to cement his place as Sidious’s apprentice since it’s kind of easy to think that by the time TPM rolled around he was proven and had already taken down a few opponents. Whether it would be part of the canon or not, Maul has been seen to take down Jedi before he met up with Qui Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi, he’s taken on criminal organizations such as Black Sun, and he’s taken on a host of other opponents that have given him grief. In short, he had a life before the prequels and it would be nice to see it on screen finally, but it would also be nice to see his life after he was reconstructed and given his mind back.

How the story will go though is anyone’s guess, other than that it will likely show Maul in control of his own criminal organization, or it will show him attempting to make his way through the universe and create something that can oppose his former master. It does feel likely that he’ll be in opposition to Palpatine since his death at Obi-Wan’s hands on the planet of Tatooine was his final hurrah, so whatever the show will depict, it will likely be focused within or directly after the Clone Wars. A lot of people are hoping that it will happen that Ray Park will make his way back to the role since he was the guy that helped to bring Maul to life back in the day.

The character is someone that should probably be kept as evil as possible since upon his inception into the franchise it was made clear that there wasn’t any chance of redeeming Maul as he was fully lost to the dark side. Palpatine/Sidious had made it clear that there was no other way, which made it less of a surprise when Sidious turned on his former apprentice and Savage in the animated series. As odd as it might sound to explore the life and times of the bad guy, there are those times when to understand a character better, even if they’re as malevolent as Maul, that a story has to be told to explain their beginnings. This might not be that type of story, it’s not certain yet anyway, but it will be interesting if the Darth Maul series does make it to the streaming platform in order to show people what the spike-headed Zabrak was all about. A lot of people might think they know everything there is to know about Maul, but it’s likely that some people are simply taking what they learned from the movies and the animated series when in truth there’s quite a bit to this character that people don’t fully understand. Hopefully things will run smoothly enough that we’ll get to see the series at some point.

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