What Would An All-Female Marvel Movie Look Like?

What would an all-female Marvel movie look like? It’s been argued again and again that women aren’t being given prominent roles in Marvel films and need to have their own movie finally. It’d be kind of a no boys, girls-night out kind of thing where we could see what they can do and how effective they could be without the menfolk butting in all the time, or at least it seems that way. As far as women being more prominent in the movies I think a lot of fans would be all for it. Personally I think it might make an interesting movie if it were done right. The MCU has introduced a wide variety of interesting female superheroes thus far and is planning to unveil a new one that will rival a lot of the male characters in terms of power. Captain Marvel will be coming soon and her power set is off the charts, so she could easily be the most influential character that’s ever set foot in the MCU.

Plus, with Disney now buying out 21st Century Fox there’s an even wider variety of female superheroes to choose from if the corporation so desired. Think about the roster they could pull from now and how impressive most of those women are. They could bring in the Invisible Woman, Storm, Rogue, Kitty Pryde, and a whole host of other characters to join forces with the Black Widow, Captain Marvel, Valkyrie, and even Gamorra. Granted it would take some doing to get them all together, but seeing as how Avengers: Infinity War is going to do that with a lot of the established characters it could be that the second part of the movie could incorporate even more characters into the mix.

In the comics crossovers became a very cool idea for a while that allowed fans to see their favorite heroes join forces and take on similar enemies or a conglomerate of villains that banded together for one reason or another. The only hard part is going to be keeping the male heroes out of it or using them as secondary characters. That part would be a little difficult since everything so far has been molded around the immutable fact that the men are the stars and the women are the backup. While it’s been that way for a while it might be that things need to change and that the women need to take a little more of a prominent role.

Just thinking about it is a little difficult since I don’t recall a lot of comic books stories that dealt with just women and no men. But then again there could be male superheroes there while still allowing the main story to be about the women. It is possible if you think about it, a quest or a journey that might see the women take the lead and therefore drive the movie. Personally I’d love to sit down and brainstorm a film like this since several of my books to date have been about a female cast making the whole thing work.

It’s time for a change.

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