Carnage Looks Seriously Terrifying In The Second Venom 2 Trailer

Carnage Looks Seriously Terrifying In The Second Venom 2 Trailer

Carnage Looks Seriously Terrifying In The Second Venom 2 Trailer

Who else is going to fight Eddie Brock and Venom in his next movie other than Cletus Cassidy, aka Carnage? Okay, so that’s probably an obvious answer. Yeah, we all know that Venom is basically destined to fight Spider-Man one day on the big-screen. And before you say it, no, Spider-Man 3 doesn’t count, because it was just bad. If you consider Eric Foreman to be a worthy Venom… what am I saying? Of course you don’t. I just have to say, thank Sony for this new live-action Venom that actually lives up to the famous twisted-mirror version of Spider-Man.

Is it appropriate for Tom Hardy‘s Venom to take on Carnage before taking on Tom Holland’s Spider-Man? In my opinion, absolutely. I remember when many fans believed that the Venom movie wouldn’t succeed unless Spider-Man was in it. I actually had a feeling he would make a surprise appearance, or at least be referenced in it. Well, it turns out that he actually wasn’t in it or even referenced. Disappointing? Yes, but in a pleasant surprise, he actually didn’t have to be.

Venom turned out to be an immensely entertaining movie, that actually had me laughing a lot more than I thought it would. I believe Tom Hardy said it best when the relationship between Eddie Brock and Venom is very similar to Ren and Stimpy. That sounded very silly on paper, considering how scary Venom was in the comics, but it actually worked. The Venom movie was a hilarious ride and it absolutely killed it at the box office. There was no need for Spider-Man or even Carnage, and because Venom made truck loads of money, we are fortunately getting a sequel. Oh, and not to mention the new Marvel Cinematic Universe developed entirely by Sony. Looks like Venom was a more important movie than anyone thought it would be.

Now granted, the first Venom didn’t receive the best critical reception, but it did get an overall positive reaction from the fans. Since they brought Andy Serkis on board to direct, I’m confident he can fix the mistakes from the first movie and give us something even funner. I’m guessing Andy Serkis will focus more on the complicated relationship between Eddie and Venom. I mean, the first trailer opened immediately with Venom making Eddie breakfast. Would anyone ever expect that from a Venom movie? I certainly didn’t, but Andy Serkis is already surprising us. If that’s what we’re in for, then I’m very curious to see what he’s going to do with Carnage.

Speaking of which, if you haven’t checked out the newest trailer for Venom: Let There be Carnage yet, you must. I personally loved this trailer, because it delivered on exactly what it promised. Basically, Cletus Cassidy becomes Carnage in the trailer and does what he does best: causes nothing but carnage. Cletus Cassidy even says it early in the trailer. This is a villain who is unlike Thanos or Erik Killmonger, because he doesn’t have relatable motivations. He doesn’t even want to rule the world or have some personal vendetta against Eddie Brock. In fact, he says he even sees him as family. If any other villain said that, it would just feel wrong, but for the case of Cletus Cassidy/Carnage, it’s right on the money.

Now if there’s one thing that we need to remember about Carnage, is that he is undoubtedly one of the most sadistic, murderous, and most terrifying villains in Marvel Comics. He’s done so many terrible things to just Spider-Man alone, that even the other Spider-Man villains refuse to work with him. From infecting the entire city of New York with his symbiote, to attacking Peter Parker’s son, and we haven’t even gotten into his backstory yet, this Marvel villain is the real deal.

If there’s one thing the trailer got right (and it got several things right), it’s the overall creepiness of Cletus Cassidy. The man was a ruthless and vile killer even before he became Carnage. Look at his origin story and you read about how he murdered his grandmother as a boy and pushed a girl in front of a bus for rejecting him. When you have a villain character who was that messed up from his beginnings, then you know he’s beyond redemption.

That’s the kind of villainous character we need to see from Woody Harrelson’s performance as Cletus Cassidy. He doesn’t have to be an understandable villain, just the most despicable one imaginable. It looks like we’re getting that, because (spoiler alert) he actually bit Eddie. And as you can guess, that’s where the birth of Carnage begins. If there’s one thing this movie must get right, it’s the look of Carnage himself. We’ve seen a brief glimpse of him in the first trailer, but now, we got to see a complete look. And boy, does he seriously look like he comes out of a horror movie.

That’s how Carnage should be. He’s got the red symbiote skin, the large teeth, and all those tendrils popping out from his back. And let’s keep in mind that he possesses the same powers as Venom, but his powers are stronger. In the past, Venom would require Spider-Man’s help to defeat him. That fact alone makes me so pumped to see their showdown in Let There be Carnage. Will this battle really cost the life of Eddie or Venom? Carnage is literally a part of Cletus Cassidy’s bloodstream, so unlike Venom and Eddie, they cannot be separated. This will be a serious challenge for Venom and Eddie, but I think in victory or defeat, this fight will cost them.

I am overall greatly satisfied with how Carnage looks. The scene where he’s just walking in the prison and casually taking bullets was a scary sight. If I had one complaint about the way he looks, it would have to be his white teeth. I’m used to the comic and cartoon version and seeing his black teeth. I think this feature separates him from Venom and actually makes him scarier. This is a nitpick, but I still think the black teeth would’ve looked cooler. But hey, as long as Carnage looks scary, I’m all for this look.

What are your thoughts, Marvel fans? Check out the new trailer for Venom: Let There be Carnage (above), because it will make you crave for carnage. Yes, I did mean that figuratively and literally. I can’t wait for this long-awaited live-action showdown between two of Spider-Man’s most deadliest foes. Hey, this can even lead to a possible interaction between these two powerhouses and Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. I mean, come on, there’s no way Sony and Marvel can seriously pass that up. Let’s wait for Venom 2 and then we can get excited for a Multiverse connection. Speaking of which, where’s that Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer? Please, Sony, just give us a teaser.Ren and Stimpy

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