Why is Colin Farrell Still Apologizing for Alexander?

Why is Colin Farrell Still Apologizing for Alexander?

Why is Colin Farrell Still Apologizing for Alexander?

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Colin Farrell is still apologizing for Alexander. Why? The movie was released in theaters back in 2004. It’s fair to state that many people do not fully remember this movie based on the life of Alexander the Great. But somehow, Colin feels the need to keep apologizing. 

Despite a history of stellar career choices, Alexander is a notable outlier thanks to its poor reviews. The unfortunate fact is that it was based on a great historical figure, setting ambitious expectations. Even a great cast wasn’t able to save this movie from tanking. The fact is that it looked amazing. The scenery, the outfits, and everything else looks great. But somehow the story did not come together in a way that could contribute to a profitable box office run. But after all that, almost two decades have passed. It’s time to remember that the memory of the audience is long, but not that long. 

Why is Colin Farrell Still Apologizing for Alexander?

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Expectations for this movie were too high

The life of Alexander the Great is a long and very complex story. An attempt to condense all of his life, romances, and victories into a feature story that’s easy to watch is a monumental task. Unfortunately, it’s likely that this movie would have been better as a series. Making the decision on what needed to be featured and what can remain on the cutting room floor was undoubtedly tough. With a budget of $155 million, a stellar cast and Oliver Stone in the director’s chair, it is easy to see why expectations for this film was high. However, based on box office and critical response, it’s very easy to determine that the expectations weren’t met. 

While initial expectations seemed to assume the film was on the path to be considered a cinematic masterpiece, Alexander is today considered one of the worst movies ever made. This is still not enough reason for Farrell to continue apologizing. Farrell is today a well-respected actor that has accomplished much in his career. 

Having Oliver Stone as a director does not guarantee a blockbuster

Stone’s success prior to Alexander earned him a reputation that many were banking on for this movie. However, the expectations that were built based on his name and reputation outstripped the efficiency of the movie. The idea that a movie could succeed based on who was cast and who was directing is a fallacy that happens every now and then in the industry.

Stone has experienced a great deal of success in the past, just not with Alexander. Despite stars like Farrell, Val Kilmer, and Angelina Jolie didn’t matter, the film did was still a flop.Why is Colin Farrell Still Apologizing for Alexander?

Historians Have Had Their Say

Historians will always have their say when it comes to historical accuracy. The stories of ancient figures are often misconstrued or artistic license is taken often. Historians will not typically boycott or snub a movie, but they will divulge historical facts. 

Many movies that are based on historical figures are often adjusted to make them more cinematic. Modeling a movie strictly on the history it represents will typically create a boring movie. Unfortunately, creating a cinematic version of history is not always accurate. Years are missed, events are misrepresented, and characters often don’t appear as they should. The fact is that history does not move at the same pace as a movie. The action is not always as obvious, and matters that take two hours in a movie often span several years or decades in real life. Alexander the Great’s life is a long story. It requires far more patience than many moviegoers tend to have. Unfortunately, history is also less exciting since it is not as dynamic as a cinematic experience. 

Alexander is one bad movie out of Colin Farrell’s Career

Colin Farrell is a well-respected actor that has enjoyed a career that is still moving forward. He has had good movies and bad movies. At this time, Colin is known for portraying the Penguin in The Batman. There is also a spinoff series that will allow him to expand on the character.

 Actors have good movies and bad movies. This is a part of their career and it’s expected. But the need to apologize for a movie that doesn’t resonate with the audience does not require several years of apologies. It sounds like it’s time to let it go. 

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