We Might Be Seeing Doctor Doom in Black Panther 2

We Might Be Seeing Doctor Doom in Black Panther 2

This will be an interesting rumor if it’s given any truth since Victor von Doom, or Doctor Doom since the ruler of Latveria is in fact an intelligent and accomplished individual and has been since before he took the title known to so many, is one of the deadliest villains in the entire Marvel universe. To see him take on the Black Panther in the second movie would be insane as well as intense considering that both he and T’Challa are rulers of their own country and are both highly intelligent. While Doom is not nearly as martially skilled as Black Panther is, he’s both intelligent and cunning and isn’t known for fighting fair. As Joey Paur from GeekTyrant tells it the dreaded Snap that took out so many people throughout the world, including T’Challa and many other heroes for five years, would have made it easy for someone with the ambition and drive of Doom to rise up and continue to expand his influence. Given that he also is known for using Doom-bots, constructs that are incredibly powerful and serve as his representatives and tools when needed, Doom is one of the more capable and inherently deadly adversaries that any hero could have. There have even been speculations that with enough preparation he could take on just about any team in the Marvel or DC universe and emerge victorious or at least take a serious toll on his enemies before being beaten.

Doom is after all a villain that has given more than one team pause in the past since he’s taken on the Fantastic Four on numerous occasions, has battled the X-Men, and has even taken on the Avengers and given them a good deal of trouble. To think that he might threaten T’Challa and Wakanda isn’t too hard to believe, but it’s also bound to be a battle that will sorely test both hero and villain since both of them have advanced technology that has capabilities well above and beyond what many countries could muster. What’s funny about this however is that Doctor Doom has usually been connected to the Fantastic Four, and it sounds as though there’s already an idea to make this movie in the coming years. But it could be that since he’s diversified in the comics that the MCU wants to use him in a new and more dynamic way than has been seen before. Pitting ruler against ruler after all would be kind of interesting to say the least. But if the rumors that Namor could show up as well are true then Black Panther 2 could possibly be even more epic than the first movie since both characters have been villains in the past, but have also allied with various heroes when it suits their needs.

Many people seem to see this fight going in Doom’s favor since he’s one of the masters of prep time and is usually prepared for just about anything. Black Panther is also very much prepared for just about anything, but Doom is a little more than he’s handled in the past. For starters, Doom isn’t just about technological or physical attributes, as he has magic at his disposal as well, something that Black Panther doesn’t deal with on a regular basis. Doom is the kind of villain that has taken on and taken out foes such as the Silver Surfer and lived to tell the tale, and has built his own Destroyer armor in the past. To think that Black Panther is ready for this level of power and tech is kind of hard to believe, but this could be where Namor comes in. Doom’s on big failing point is that he’s arrogant and at times short-sighted when it comes to believing that he can take on pretty much anyone. He knows how to plan ahead, he knows how to neutralize many individuals, but he’s also so full of himself that at times he seems to overestimate his abilities and underestimate the willingness of his enemies to keep pushing when all seems lost. If Namor is going to show up then it might be in the capacity of an antagonist at first but an ally soon after. That seems like the only way, other than highly suspect writing, that Black Panther would be able to eke out a win since if the writers are going to finally follow the laws of comics, that don’t mean much unless the writers want them to, then Doom will triumph over T’Challa more often than not.

It would be great to see Doctor Doom show up in the MCU, as hopefully the Fantastic Four and others wouldn’t be too far behind, but if the MCU is going to keep things true to the comics then he needs to be highly intelligent, extremely innovative, and all-around deadly.

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