Fear Street Part 2: 1978 Trailer Is Definitely Worth a Watch

Fear Street Part 2: 1978 Trailer Is Definitely Worth a Watch

Fear Street Part 2: 1978 Trailer Is Definitely Worth a Watch

Spreading three different movies across three separate dates is kind of an interesting method to get people to watch Fear Street since the different timelines that connect the story are great on their own and as a trilogy, since as far as slasher flicks go they’re kind of predictable but in one of the best ways. It’s fair to say that a lot of people might not have fully expected this idea to come to fruition as it did, but the fact is that so far Fear Street has been enjoyable in its own way and as a horror trilogy it’s likely that it will be one of those that people continue to talk about for a while since despite clinging to a great number of horror tropes that have been popular over the years. But the manner in which the town of Shadyside is cursed is pretty innovative since the killers continue to come back and the witch who was responsible for the curse in the first place is getting her revenge throughout the years as Shadyside is considered the murder capital of the United States, which isn’t an easy title to take considering the history of other towns and cities.

But following the events of the first movie, the story has to travel back in time to the Camp Nightwing massacre in 1978, which becomes the next piece of the puzzle as the story takes on a very Friday the 13th vibe as the killing begins again. The level of consistency in this story is no doubt going to be brought into question since the whole idea of a place being cursed in this manner is going to be something that a lot of people don’t see as feasible. But if one simply gets into the fiction part of the story and accepts what they’re being given then it becomes a little easier to just have fun with it.

That’s the trick with this particular story, since having fun with it and not being so technical is one of the main points that people need to adhere to given that there are a lot of similarities to other horror movies in this trilogy, which kind of feels like the point. To some, it might feel like a blatant ripoff at times, but having fun with the story and simply letting it run the course that’s been laid out for it is smarter than sitting around and picking at the details of the story in order to get to bottom of what inspired it. Hey, some folks get their enjoyment of a movie in different ways, but seriously, one of the best ways to enjoy this trilogy is to just sit down and let it happen without feeling the need to pick it apart. Otherwise, it becomes a series of moments that might feel slapped together using other ideas that have come and gone over the years. But the idea to use a witches curse that has affected a town from the 17th century to the late 20th century is kind of interesting since one would think that a town with this kind of history would be all but dead.

Due to the nature of horror stories that kind of shows how stubborn and sometimes stupid people can be since in a horror movie a lot of people are bound to do something that feels unwise and in some cases suicidal since it’s not smart in the least bit. So far as this trilogy has gone though it’s a nice mix of smart and dumb actions that are being executed by the characters since things have definitely changed when it comes to horror movies. At this time these movies are definitely worth watching since their a nice return to what people used to expect from horror movies, but with their own twist and a few changes that make things a little easier to watch and a little more exciting to be certain. It’s not the reinvention of the wheel by any means, but these movies are fun, entertaining, and that’s all a person really needs when it comes to watching a horror movie. Most horror movies aren’t meant to be seen as a high concept or artistic piece, they’re created to provoke a reaction from the audience.

With the first two movies out on Netflix and able to be watched and analyzed over and over before this coming Friday, one can guess that a lot of people already have theories about what’s going to happen when the story travels back to the 1600s, and a lot of viewers are likely looking forward to it. It’s a bit early to get in the mood for Halloween, but all the same, the Fear Street movies are definitely worth watching for those that want to get a jump on the scares.

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